July 7, 2010

another successful creation! this one turned out better than yesterday's except for one minor slip between the fringe layers (shown above). it's not really that noticeable though. it's also handsewn and has a button for closing. this bag is made from a fluorescent pink pair of jeans from pacsun and this stupid necklace from uo that broke. the top half of the jeans were turned into a pair of shorts (first pic) before i made this bag. the color washed out and looks more like a light pink now. then i remembered i had the bottom half left over so i used it to make this bag! the studs on the back are from a belt that broke. this bag is also slightly longer than the blue/gold one. my grams walked in while i was finishing, she was a patternmaker herself, and pointed out a few small mistakes i noticed myself. overall, she was proud and i am too :D (yeah i'm aware i'm wearing the same shirt from yesterday)

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