July 5, 2010

fourth of july

woke up around 1 today because i was still sleep deprived from the plane ride and the fact that my air conditioner kept sounding like it was going to explode. i spent the entire afternoon taking and looking for the right pictures to upload. i also almost forgot it was a holiday and that it was sunday and that tomorrow is the nyc waterfight. i felt like i should make cake because i always do but i didn't get around to that until like 5. i later found out it was greatgramma's birthday--she's in her late eighties-- so my gramma already had a cake ordered. so i was all whaatttt but it was okay because there were a lot of people at the bbq.

one thing i tend to do is upload the pictures the same day they were taken. that's what i usually do unless i'm too tired or they're just something i don't want to look at.

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  1. hey i just followed you cause i have you as a "friend" in flickr and i saw you posted you blog anyways i really liked your theme and i just wanted to know which one is it? i'm obviously gonna change the colors,style and all that shit anyways you could really help me if you tell me :D