July 19, 2010

i know i haven't been taking much pictures lately. well that's because i've been having some family bonding time and chilling with people i don't see anymore. but i'm gonna make it up today.

now i just want to take a moment and have a tiny rant. it's about my followers on tumblr. tumblr isn't facebook, at least to me. i don't follow back my followers unless there is a purpose you know. i mean why would you follow someone who posts shit you don't like? well in my case, i hope all my followers' purpose is solely for my photography. yeah there'll be like movie reviews, funny pictures, music, random texts and stuff but still, a girl can have a life. now all the people who unfollowed me probably thought i was either annoying or just didn't like my photography anymore and that's understandable. what i don't get now is why people from my school would want to follow me. friends are an exception but people i don't talk to (and know that they couldn't give a fuck about photos?) is another story. i can't stop people from following me (unfortunate sometimes) but if you know you don't care, then don't follow. please. another thing that bothers me is when someone unfollows and refollows like 4 times. i mean, SERIOUSLY, MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

onto the following photos. the keep calm canvas was painted by me some long while ago. it kind of looks like i just woke up and you know what, i did. and if anyone wanted to know, the socks are by topshop.


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