July 9, 2010

went out to maple lanes with longtimenosee friend amanda and four of her murrow friends. took booth photos and played enough games to get our thumbnails chipped. our lane was being dumb but i got some awesome strikes and spares! went to read some tabloids afterwards and got me some nail polish. then ate dinner out with amanda and my sisters.

and last night, i took some pretty kewl photos but i never got around to looking at them today, till now/below. i also wanted to make my sister a shirt but i guess that'll have to wait till tomorrow. btw i made my sister a very custom bag yesterday. it was like the perfect one, i got everything on nicely. i'm pretty tired.

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  1. Hi there,
    I'd love to buy the second picture, the one with hands with the awesome rings. is there a way to get it? It would look great in my studio/home office!