August 29, 2010


i absolutely love last minute road trips. spent all yesterday in pennsylvania just for the hell of it. three hour drive to middletown because of ridiculous traffic on the goethals/verrazzano. you know what i don't understand? why the gps always has to find a different route back home than from when you left. maybe it's just us but my dad and i hate the us 130 route across new jersey. there's no point when the turnpike is right over therrrre. anyway, here are some pictures while my camera battery lasted syncing the photos into my computer. it's sunday, i'm lazy, i don't want to do anymore.

and i was going to make this photo of my turtle the fourteenth of my fifty-two weeks project because my sister broke the tank right after i took it. i've had her for about ten years and we have to give her away sometime soon because her shell is growing out weird.

August 26, 2010

thank you

thank you all my followers and visitors and contacts and everyone who appreciates my work. it means a lot and i love receiving the comments and messages. i read them all! i'm quite proud of my last piece, the one with the geometric heels. i've had inspiration to do that in such a long time but i never had an original idea of where to create the shape. it didn't take me long to take that photo, it just hits me whenever. that was the first and only shot of my feet i was going to take for that post and i didn't mess up on the drawing. it's pretty incredible to have that feeling of waking up and doing something right. i don't know what i'm talking about but thank you so much.

the weather has been chilly this week so the only places i went out for was for work. school begins in two weeks and so does fashion week in new york. i'm crazy excited for everything. but right now, i'm excited to make brownies and cookies.

August 21, 2010


yesterday, went to greenpoint to hang with anna. there was the cutest daschund at the park and these couple of people who were high on the left, two women sitting on what it seemed to be wet paint in front, and some guy harassing his friend about how ugly he is and claiming he's the sexiest on the right. today, went to brooklyn museum, botanical garden, and the park with allyson and noa. i love nights where we go to multiple locations and eat dinner out together. scariest thing that happened was probably walking in a pitch dark pathway at the park after eight. always leave a big park before dark.

August 13, 2010


this week was somewhat productive. i don't really understand what's going on at work and i don't really care. met up with anna yesterday and got this new romper! can i just say that i have never taken any gymnastic classes or the sort ever in my life? the photo (third) came out really really nice. yes i could've improved with the composition but doing those things make me dizzy. now i don't photoshop (warp or whatever) any of my photos, well unless i want to remove pimples or bruises you know, so i'm pretty happy that my legs look that nice. hahaha anyways. the only things i have left to actually do this summer is finish the summer reading book, write the report, and go somewhere out of the city again.

August 8, 2010


i finally developed the first three rolls from my harikin this week along with a really old roll from my lomolito. i scanned and uploaded most of them on flickr, only the interesting ones. other than that, i can hardly wait to finish my canon roll. i'm also giving away some prints tomorrow and monday just because! i just need to find more stamps.. and man film is expensive.

August 3, 2010

canon ae-1

it arrived saturday afternoon after the dentist. when i saw how big the package was, i got even more excited than when i was outside the house. everything works and i started shooting once i took it out. i can't wait to get the film developed, for both cameras! so i guess that leads to my big break from digital. i have to truthfully say that there hasn't been much phototaking with my t1i since they came but i've been working on a little stop-motion picture about wind. so i can't wait to get that done too! i also recently got a job (not seasonal!) and that kind of shortens the time i have with shooting but i get to travel a lot! exclamation points!!11