August 29, 2010


i absolutely love last minute road trips. spent all yesterday in pennsylvania just for the hell of it. three hour drive to middletown because of ridiculous traffic on the goethals/verrazzano. you know what i don't understand? why the gps always has to find a different route back home than from when you left. maybe it's just us but my dad and i hate the us 130 route across new jersey. there's no point when the turnpike is right over therrrre. anyway, here are some pictures while my camera battery lasted syncing the photos into my computer. it's sunday, i'm lazy, i don't want to do anymore.

and i was going to make this photo of my turtle the fourteenth of my fifty-two weeks project because my sister broke the tank right after i took it. i've had her for about ten years and we have to give her away sometime soon because her shell is growing out weird.