August 26, 2010

thank you

thank you all my followers and visitors and contacts and everyone who appreciates my work. it means a lot and i love receiving the comments and messages. i read them all! i'm quite proud of my last piece, the one with the geometric heels. i've had inspiration to do that in such a long time but i never had an original idea of where to create the shape. it didn't take me long to take that photo, it just hits me whenever. that was the first and only shot of my feet i was going to take for that post and i didn't mess up on the drawing. it's pretty incredible to have that feeling of waking up and doing something right. i don't know what i'm talking about but thank you so much.

the weather has been chilly this week so the only places i went out for was for work. school begins in two weeks and so does fashion week in new york. i'm crazy excited for everything. but right now, i'm excited to make brownies and cookies.