September 25, 2010

camera obscura

is what i'm listening to right now. this past week, i've been pretty good with balancing school and friends. my mom left for paris last night for fashion week and i'm not that all happy. especially since she took my newly bought boots without telling me until she was on the plane. other than that, i guess i'm happy for her. in british literature, we had to write sonnets. like the camera cliched person i am, i wrote a sonnet about cameras. i'll share it at the end of this post. sonnets are funner than general poems because they have a guideline which makes everything easier. my sister went to develop my last color roll yesterday and i picked it up today! i'm really pleased with the outcome. the next film pieces i will post in the future will be from school. so my canon ae-1 is kinda being hogged by black and white rolls for the time being.

my lens drawing in with the playground light,
i set the aperture and shutter speed.
the point, the view, the scene, the air, the sight,
the moment to capture is my one greed.
this creation of memory, the take
of true setting, you are stopping in still.
collection of light and dust for who's sake?
for the children of photography will
admire these works; they express so much
that chemicals can only bring to us.
we can develop to fix eyes on such.
let us not forget times between the fuss
and beauty put together in one piece.
the mirror, the button, hold and release.