September 3, 2010

canon film developed!

i got so excited when i handed the rolls in. but i had to wait three hours because they felt like it. they could do it all under one hour but whatever, i didn't want to nag. to waste time, i brought my brother to places, and tried to open a new phone myself. that didn't work but i really really need a new one before school starts! by five pm today, i went to pick the film up. i jaywalk along the streets taking a small glance for passing cars while i admired the new photos. the canon ae-1 ones came out really nice but my sister's scanner kinda messed with the quality by posterizing some parts. ugh but the harikin ones came out great as always. i posted up several from both cameras on flickr, and here i'll post some that weren't put up there.

oh oh oh! i also got my ears pierced yesterday :)))