September 12, 2010

fashion week

I am typing this through my phone in bed. I'm just waiting for the caffeine to wear off. While I'm waiting, ill update about what's been going on. Tuesday night kicked off fashion's night out at lincoln center with a fashion show with anna wintour where I did not attend because I was busy being excited and nervous for the first day of school. So instead, amanda came over and helped me make cookies then I watched anaconda and piranha 3d. Wednesday was first day and I discovered that my junior year schedule was going to be a disaster. Not only do I not have lunch with anyone but I also have chemistry first but you don't care. What does matter is that I have a 9 period schedule this year and finally have to take photography! Afterschool, I got a new phone! Its been almost four years with my old phone. I survived the worst with it and I deserve this pretty, shiny blackberry bold. Thursday, I met up with anna and went to chill at the zoo and ate at two boots but instead we just taught each other how to get more addicted to these crackberries. Wow I'm getting tired. Friday was the official kickoff for fashion's night out in nyc. Ate at sugar diner with allyson, noa, liz, elizabeth, katherine, and holly. Then met up with mariel and her friend sona to go check out designer boutiques and collection stores like gwen stefani's new harajuku line, marc by marc jacobs burberry, and michael kors. All I wanted to do was see karen elson perform but she was in chelsea and we were in soho so we didn't meet anyone but still had an amazing night with everyone. Saturday night, which was a few hours ago, I attended zac posen's zspoke 2011 fashion show at lincoln center with liz, allyson, noa, and liz's mom. I like that fashion week has moved over closer to school; lincoln center is definitely the fashion spot now. It was weird walking past people who weren't invited into a fancy tent. I usually entered backstage with my mother every other time. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see my mom till after the show. It was another fantastic line by zac, which is avaliable at saks fifth avenue. To summarize without any photos, this was a week I won't forget (oh and september 11, 2001, never forgot what I was doing at that time). Fashion, lights, teenage life galore!

/edit: here are some photos