September 27, 2010

this is about my grandparents

I am typing this as I walk home from the subway station. I may get hit by a car for doing this but I'm gonna be careful. This has nothing to do with photography so if you were in for that, you can stop reading. I passed a cafe my grandpa always goes to every single day on my way home today. He was the only person drinking tea in there. If he catches me walking home, he woiuld offer a snack at the cafe or money. Normally, I would refuse because I just don't like to take stuff from old people but he insists. I would see him walking to bakery once or more times a day. From as early as nine am he would go, and the bakery is located about fifteen blocks away. At times when I don't see hinhe would be sleeping with the tv on or going to drop off/pick up my brother and sister. Same for my grandma. She has gone to each of my siblings' pre-k graduations, including mine. She brings us to the doctor and take care of our sicknesses when my parents can't. They still host family dinner parties every other week to bring their children and grandchildren together. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm quite proud of my grandparents. I could not ask for any other set of such big-hearted grandparents. These are from my father's side by the way. I'm not very fond of my other grandparents. Well I'm home now and it just started raining. I hope you have just as loving g'rents.