October 30, 2010


okay. so. i'm super tired so my story (which i will continue after my long nap) is going to be about many things. i should mention now that i forgot my dslr battery at home charging so i didn't have a camera except for the one built in my phone. of course, i wouldn't go a day of amazing events without taking photos. i tweaked them a bit and they are like great quality. it gives the effect of really really crappy film scanning .. whatever. there will be more, maybe, i'm just really exhausted right now. i can't believe i really didn't have my camera. okay bye

i just finished my lunch and sippin some tea. yesterday was a lot of fun even though i started with a really bad morning. i woke up and put together my costume for school, which was holly golightly, and rushed out of the house because this bitch said she'd wait for me. but she didn't, even though she doesn't have a first period or a costume. so because i rushed so quickly, i forgot that i left my camera battery at home still charging. i was carrying my camera and i didn't realize till i was thirty minutes away from home. i had a chemistry test the first period and i don't care whether it was easy or hard (easy), nobody should give a test on a half day. then i skipped english because i can't live in there. the rest of my classes were bullshit since we did nothing. then afterschool, we went to watch the school halloween parade, which actually got on my nerves. it was a waste of time and the people who deserved the prizes didn't win.

after that, six of us went to eat viet in chinatown. as always, we were the loudest people in the room and it was quite embarrassing but i love my friends. we walked maryam to the ace station on west broadway and the rest of us chilled in the cold at that little water recreational park across the street from the tribeca film festival. kp and phil beatboxed for the longest time and earned six pennies. afterwards, we hit soho because we had to pee and my audrey hairdo was turning into a bird's nest. i don't know whether to appreciate or pass the staff at soho cafe but i think everyone (in any customers only bathroom eateries) who wants to order should go to the bathroom first, not order and take your coffee in with you. since my momma's birthday is on sunday, i had to find a second part to my present for her while in the district. people left and we hastily looked for clothes then went home.

now i want to say something about people who seek money on public transportation, subways in particular. this happens only every single day on every single train. these people are upping a notch. only recently did they start showing up in every car at every hour. and because i see these shows too often, i don't give them money no matter what the excuse. this week on the train there were: 1 religious lady preaching at six in the morning, 1 religious dude trying to sell cds about Him, 1 acapella group singing lion king, 1 blind man who walked down the aisle twice, 1 russian dude who didn't showcase anything but just went around shoving a bag in people's faces (quick and easy money!), and that 1 guy who does the same thing everyday that i don't remember because i don't care.

so this was my halloween

ew ew ew im gonna stop right here. i really despise the ugly watercolor texture of my photos when i upload them here now. they're saved as jpg so that i can upload them on flickr with the right exif data. otherwise, i would have saved them as png. i'm changing my mind right here. the ones that are needed for the dpc, i'll keep the exif data, the rest i'm gonna save them in a more pretty crystal clearer method. this is just ugly.

October 23, 2010

fall land and all

fridays and the weekend are the best days of my life. i try to make the most of it because on other days, i just don't seem to have a life since being occupied by school. in that case, this past friday, we ate at our favorite park slope restaurant instead of going to parsons. if you were a stranger to our group, you'd assume we're crazy kids trying to get into trouble at night. well honestly, we're just kids trying to smile and laugh the most as possible to make up for the dreadful, boring hours when we're not with each other. i really don't see these grinning hyper teenagers very often these days. attempting to do my homework for photography class and club, i worked with two cameras these past two days. i'm usually a great multitasker but handling more than one camera for a single moment is something else. to finish friday's story, we went to b&n and behaved like classy idiots.

today we went to woodbury, actually for no reason, but the view and scenery there is just stellar. the catskill and bear mountains look spectacular in the fall. i am incredibly jello of anyone who owns a house by the tappan zee bridge on the central nyack side. it's always beautiful upstate. anyhow, we just went to see the west point military academy museum thingathing. and then to the woodbury outlets. that place... must go back. i really regret not getting that diesel jacket. i really really do.

October 16, 2010

October 10, 2010

October 8, 2010

week of 10/3

this week could not have ended any other way. i missed my friends too dearly so i stayed in school for an extra period to wait for them. we went to parsons new school to practice on anatomy studies. that place is great. shawty with the hurr was cutes. and then we got hungry and ate dinner at the usual thai restaurant in st marks place. then we all parted ways. there is always some creepy dude on the train claiming attention when we go home late. i'm usually the last to get off because i live so deep up in brooklyn and we couldn't tell when this guy would get off. he was drunk and assumed we spoke russian and that i would get his jokes. like, no. but the whole day was worth the scare. i began a fresh color roll (color!!! liek omggg) of i think 36 exposures in the ae-1. i wanted it to be mainly focused on candid portraits of each of my friends but they got self-conscious about how it might come out so we took a few photos of us in our natural habitat which ruined my plan. it's alright.
so.. i was going to originally post about why i wouldn't be able to upload my photo of the week this weekend but then i remembered that i enlarged one of my black and white photos today. i'm so happy. it's not the best contrast but that's the reason why i got to bring it home and show yall. hope everyone's week was well too.

edit 10/10/10 - from dslr

October 3, 2010

new portfoliooOoo

i'm very happy with this one.
thanks so much to shuttermade,
i finally have an easy and simple portfolio to use.
you should check it out!

+ i know the pieces on there aren't all portfolio-worthy but they are my best so far so don't h8

October 2, 2010

why you mad

this will be a lot of writing. i've been really stressed this week. i don't really remember what happened in chronological order. so the bad things that occurred when i woke up on the wrong side of the bed:
  • bipolar rain storm caused the 1 train to be suspended for the time i was supposed to take it. b and q trains were having their regular delays.
  • wasted 2 bus rides going to the subway and back home because i thought the rain and the suspension would never lift. when i got home, it did.
  • bit the side of my lip while ferociously eating a mini croissant for breakfast
  • missed three periods of school. first being chemistry, where i had two homeworks due and a test on monday. and british literature, i could care less.
  • i had a test in pre-calc and i really can't understand anything because i failed the trig regents and i have that class after lunch which is never a good thing. i'm pretty sure i failed it, since i'm confident i only got three problems right.
  • saturday, being today, is my brother's fourth birthday. i had a pile of big assignments due monday to do but instead i was given the job of organizing his party. not much of it was fun, since it's a little kid's birthday. not to mention, we had to combine my brother and my cousin's birthdays today. i hate children and whining and yelling and children and whining.
  • my parents argued over what happened to the cake knife while i was trying to snap photos of my aunt and my cousin and the cake. they piss me off instantly, well just yelling does, so i told them to shut up constantly.
  • my sister came home from the dentist's office without having her teeth checked. this got my mom mad and she started complaining about how she can't just run out of an office and waste her time and shit. and this got me really mad, and definitely my sister, who is still locked silently in her room. every time the family yelling came up, i threatened to burn the house down. i was being serious because it's fucking rude to bring family problems in front of friends and extended family. nobody really cares, okay? it's not that big of a deal so shut the fuck up.
  • i'm trying to catch up with my homework, and my mother comes in insisting i find out what the fuck is wrong with her digital camera. there are photos from france that she wanted to see and the fucking memory card was being a big bitch. i just spent the past hour or two looking for recovery freeware programs and it's not possible. everything is gone. i haven't told her yet. i know she's going to get mad at ME and not the company because she has no real person to blame. i found a legitimate repair store in union square i'm gonna have to check up on next week to try to fix it. i hate repair stores.

good things that happened:
  • snuck into classes to see my friends
  • english teacher was absent
  • finally able to draw a sally mann photo
  • waited friday to hang out with friends i miss
  • had dinner with them
  • had a good time

these owls are an assignment for my pen and ink class. i have to redraw the same subject four times with different pen techniques. i only have 3/4 of one done. sorry for all the horrible photos. i haven't taken out the old digital slr out lately. but the b/w roll will be developed soon.