October 23, 2010

fall land and all

fridays and the weekend are the best days of my life. i try to make the most of it because on other days, i just don't seem to have a life since being occupied by school. in that case, this past friday, we ate at our favorite park slope restaurant instead of going to parsons. if you were a stranger to our group, you'd assume we're crazy kids trying to get into trouble at night. well honestly, we're just kids trying to smile and laugh the most as possible to make up for the dreadful, boring hours when we're not with each other. i really don't see these grinning hyper teenagers very often these days. attempting to do my homework for photography class and club, i worked with two cameras these past two days. i'm usually a great multitasker but handling more than one camera for a single moment is something else. to finish friday's story, we went to b&n and behaved like classy idiots.

today we went to woodbury, actually for no reason, but the view and scenery there is just stellar. the catskill and bear mountains look spectacular in the fall. i am incredibly jello of anyone who owns a house by the tappan zee bridge on the central nyack side. it's always beautiful upstate. anyhow, we just went to see the west point military academy museum thingathing. and then to the woodbury outlets. that place... must go back. i really regret not getting that diesel jacket. i really really do.