October 30, 2010


okay. so. i'm super tired so my story (which i will continue after my long nap) is going to be about many things. i should mention now that i forgot my dslr battery at home charging so i didn't have a camera except for the one built in my phone. of course, i wouldn't go a day of amazing events without taking photos. i tweaked them a bit and they are like great quality. it gives the effect of really really crappy film scanning .. whatever. there will be more, maybe, i'm just really exhausted right now. i can't believe i really didn't have my camera. okay bye

i just finished my lunch and sippin some tea. yesterday was a lot of fun even though i started with a really bad morning. i woke up and put together my costume for school, which was holly golightly, and rushed out of the house because this bitch said she'd wait for me. but she didn't, even though she doesn't have a first period or a costume. so because i rushed so quickly, i forgot that i left my camera battery at home still charging. i was carrying my camera and i didn't realize till i was thirty minutes away from home. i had a chemistry test the first period and i don't care whether it was easy or hard (easy), nobody should give a test on a half day. then i skipped english because i can't live in there. the rest of my classes were bullshit since we did nothing. then afterschool, we went to watch the school halloween parade, which actually got on my nerves. it was a waste of time and the people who deserved the prizes didn't win.

after that, six of us went to eat viet in chinatown. as always, we were the loudest people in the room and it was quite embarrassing but i love my friends. we walked maryam to the ace station on west broadway and the rest of us chilled in the cold at that little water recreational park across the street from the tribeca film festival. kp and phil beatboxed for the longest time and earned six pennies. afterwards, we hit soho because we had to pee and my audrey hairdo was turning into a bird's nest. i don't know whether to appreciate or pass the staff at soho cafe but i think everyone (in any customers only bathroom eateries) who wants to order should go to the bathroom first, not order and take your coffee in with you. since my momma's birthday is on sunday, i had to find a second part to my present for her while in the district. people left and we hastily looked for clothes then went home.

now i want to say something about people who seek money on public transportation, subways in particular. this happens only every single day on every single train. these people are upping a notch. only recently did they start showing up in every car at every hour. and because i see these shows too often, i don't give them money no matter what the excuse. this week on the train there were: 1 religious lady preaching at six in the morning, 1 religious dude trying to sell cds about Him, 1 acapella group singing lion king, 1 blind man who walked down the aisle twice, 1 russian dude who didn't showcase anything but just went around shoving a bag in people's faces (quick and easy money!), and that 1 guy who does the same thing everyday that i don't remember because i don't care.

so this was my halloween

ew ew ew im gonna stop right here. i really despise the ugly watercolor texture of my photos when i upload them here now. they're saved as jpg so that i can upload them on flickr with the right exif data. otherwise, i would have saved them as png. i'm changing my mind right here. the ones that are needed for the dpc, i'll keep the exif data, the rest i'm gonna save them in a more pretty crystal clearer method. this is just ugly.