October 8, 2010

week of 10/3

this week could not have ended any other way. i missed my friends too dearly so i stayed in school for an extra period to wait for them. we went to parsons new school to practice on anatomy studies. that place is great. shawty with the hurr was cutes. and then we got hungry and ate dinner at the usual thai restaurant in st marks place. then we all parted ways. there is always some creepy dude on the train claiming attention when we go home late. i'm usually the last to get off because i live so deep up in brooklyn and we couldn't tell when this guy would get off. he was drunk and assumed we spoke russian and that i would get his jokes. like, no. but the whole day was worth the scare. i began a fresh color roll (color!!! liek omggg) of i think 36 exposures in the ae-1. i wanted it to be mainly focused on candid portraits of each of my friends but they got self-conscious about how it might come out so we took a few photos of us in our natural habitat which ruined my plan. it's alright.
so.. i was going to originally post about why i wouldn't be able to upload my photo of the week this weekend but then i remembered that i enlarged one of my black and white photos today. i'm so happy. it's not the best contrast but that's the reason why i got to bring it home and show yall. hope everyone's week was well too.

edit 10/10/10 - from dslr