October 2, 2010

why you mad

this will be a lot of writing. i've been really stressed this week. i don't really remember what happened in chronological order. so the bad things that occurred when i woke up on the wrong side of the bed:
  • bipolar rain storm caused the 1 train to be suspended for the time i was supposed to take it. b and q trains were having their regular delays.
  • wasted 2 bus rides going to the subway and back home because i thought the rain and the suspension would never lift. when i got home, it did.
  • bit the side of my lip while ferociously eating a mini croissant for breakfast
  • missed three periods of school. first being chemistry, where i had two homeworks due and a test on monday. and british literature, i could care less.
  • i had a test in pre-calc and i really can't understand anything because i failed the trig regents and i have that class after lunch which is never a good thing. i'm pretty sure i failed it, since i'm confident i only got three problems right.
  • saturday, being today, is my brother's fourth birthday. i had a pile of big assignments due monday to do but instead i was given the job of organizing his party. not much of it was fun, since it's a little kid's birthday. not to mention, we had to combine my brother and my cousin's birthdays today. i hate children and whining and yelling and children and whining.
  • my parents argued over what happened to the cake knife while i was trying to snap photos of my aunt and my cousin and the cake. they piss me off instantly, well just yelling does, so i told them to shut up constantly.
  • my sister came home from the dentist's office without having her teeth checked. this got my mom mad and she started complaining about how she can't just run out of an office and waste her time and shit. and this got me really mad, and definitely my sister, who is still locked silently in her room. every time the family yelling came up, i threatened to burn the house down. i was being serious because it's fucking rude to bring family problems in front of friends and extended family. nobody really cares, okay? it's not that big of a deal so shut the fuck up.
  • i'm trying to catch up with my homework, and my mother comes in insisting i find out what the fuck is wrong with her digital camera. there are photos from france that she wanted to see and the fucking memory card was being a big bitch. i just spent the past hour or two looking for recovery freeware programs and it's not possible. everything is gone. i haven't told her yet. i know she's going to get mad at ME and not the company because she has no real person to blame. i found a legitimate repair store in union square i'm gonna have to check up on next week to try to fix it. i hate repair stores.

good things that happened:
  • snuck into classes to see my friends
  • english teacher was absent
  • finally able to draw a sally mann photo
  • waited friday to hang out with friends i miss
  • had dinner with them
  • had a good time

these owls are an assignment for my pen and ink class. i have to redraw the same subject four times with different pen techniques. i only have 3/4 of one done. sorry for all the horrible photos. i haven't taken out the old digital slr out lately. but the b/w roll will be developed soon.