November 19, 2010

are you mad

i just came home from watching hp7. it was amazing i must say, but the ending could have been better. many parts made me laugh, awe, and get angry and that's what makes it so good. so unfortunately, our school did not perform the hogwarts theme like they said they would this morning, i was disappointed, also to the fact that the teachers for the first half of my classes weren't even in school. maybe it's just me, but when teachers aren't there and we have a sub that doesn't have a plan, it's just a huge waste of time. and other bad news, i didn't bring my dslr to school because.. it's bulky plus i had to do my street photography assignment with film (which i only took like 4 shots so far in the dark). therefore, i am sad that i don't necessarily have a 52 weeks photo to sum my excitement for harry potter week so i'll make it up tomorrow... after all my art homework.

ps: about three quarters of the school wore slytherin colors... .. .. whatever
most of us should've been ravenclaw
and the kids who wore hufflepuff.. ugh
and you "griffindor" kids, yeah right.
and you other kids wearing neon colors.. no

pps: my instax 210 came! the size of it according to the preview photos are very misleading..
aight bai