November 6, 2010

book face

this last friday was alright, just gonna say i've had better laughs. ate good stuff at sugar because it's sugar. i was sooo hungry. onward. i'm supposed to be doing my homework right now,.. for the past 12 hours actually because that's what i told my mom i would be doing while she was in philly. instead i cleaned my entire bedroom -- this included sorting all my clothes and shoes, which later led me to start giving some away (if you live in nyc, ..freebies?) -- and watched about eight episodes of csi and csi: ny at the same time. then met new relatives? at a family dinner party tonight. so since i'm typing this post hastily, i'll throw it this out there to make it easier for me, add me on facebook! most (usually all) outtakes are uploaded there (if you care)! Of course, the purpose for this blog is to describe what happens in those photos.

in that case, the series consisted of a little shoot in photography class with noa, aissatou, bayli, and cynara. afterschool didn't go as i had planned but seven or eight of us went to sugar diner in soho for dinner. we stopped by the tagged mural on houston and bowery. that block is amazing.. between elizabeth and bowery on e houston. you can thrift pretty cool vintage stuff outdoors and in and then the other half of the block is the mural tagged by graffiti artists of famous signatures. i must go back to that little market. well that's the end of my week, i have to do homework now.