November 12, 2010


disgusting. i just bit a part of my freshly painted nail polish. i used milani disco lights. yes, i tend to wear glittery nail lacquer, it's my thang. this is week 25 of my 52 weeks project. this week, i've been student-dying, reading a book about american reburials, missed chemistry because someone got shot down at my local subway station, drinking a hella lot of tea, purchased my hp7 tickets, bought a boombox, and published in teen ink magazine again! i have a few more things to share. so i'm going to post the photos and put captions underneath k? k.

took some photos with the light coming in thursday afternoon

asked my little brother to pose for me in front of my mirror for an assignment in a school club (he's so adorbs)

and here is my caricature for my pen and ink class. i think it's pretty kewlbeanz that i'm even able to draw caricatures. i look super ghetto but i do make this face a lot. just thought i'd shaaaare. by the way, what is up with the weather here? flurries early this week, coldness, sunny, warm end of the week? and why is the school using fancy, thick paper for everything?