November 15, 2010

harry potter week!

i'm so excited! even though i have big dark secret about my history with the series, i won't ruin everyone with it because it's harreh pottah weeeeek. today i missed chemistry because i wanted breakfast and i got breakfast but i needed to hide my hot drink in my bag since they confiscate it in school (for some dumbass reason) and i thought i would stop by the bench bordering lincoln center to put it away. instead, this crowd of harry potter fans were hogging my bench like the losers they are (nah jk but seriously, you have 12 hours till the premiere). after school, more people packed up the place and harry potter was just what everyone was talking about. when i got home, i watched the red carpet live on mtv and everyone is so amazzzin. i'm soso super excited for friday i can't even it's the only thing getting me through the week. plus, there will most definitely be photos by the end of the week because friday at school is fiorello friday where everything will be hogwarts themed. i'm mad excites i really can't

ps - i'm a ravenclaw. wish i could be slytherin just for tom felton but i'm just not that cruel (fuck you noa)