November 30, 2010

i wish

(and i'm saying this for the third time today) i wish i was on the best coast, the west coast. i just .. need a ticket right now to san francisco. it's dumb cold here and tomorrow's going to be worse. winds gusting over 50 mph, rain, thunder, but 35-60 degrees?! wtf new york. this is not how we celebrate the first of december.

today, i brang cameron to school (yeah.. i probably have never used the name of my camera here ever but i can't say digital slr all the time so embed it in your brain) because i had club. in that case, i took photos on my way home. no, they're not exactly flickr-worthy but i don't care because i have pro and i should use it. i surprised my mom and grandma by giving my lil siblins their bath and washing their hair. i initially only wanted to give kim a hot bath because she said she was cold and so i recommended my relaxing-in-a-steaming-tub remedy. the bathroom got so warm and nice, my brother got jealous.

i really wish i could take advantage of the weather in the city right now, i should learn how. and make my models sacrifice their health for my aspiring career. lol nah i shouldn't, let's keep it indoors. i can't wait till xmasxmasxmas. i'm excited to shop, wrap, and bake for the holidayssss i can't even expressss. it's really cold in this house.