November 25, 2010


i'm thankful for everyone and everything i have right now. i'm very grateful to own all that i have come upon in the past year (i'll get to that in the end of the year). my family celebrated thanksgiving, last night, because most of the members had the day off but not today (must be some important jobs). i was originally supposed to attend this thanksgiving eve party at the empire hotel, but.. there are some things you shouldn't expect so highly of. instead, i followed friends to 82nd st to watch the macy's thanksgiving parade balloons get blown up. it wasn't interesting or fun, it was cold, crowded, and dark plus, i never watch the parade. all i want to do is eat a lot and sleep in.

i woke up this morning to aching cramps. squirmed around in my bed for an hour and then finally got up at 11. i made mozzarella sticks and watched the cake boss marathon. now i am watching wild target and drinking my third cup (thermos-size) of chrysanthemum tea. ..this movie is funny, seriously comical with three of my favorite british actors. so this was my productive thanksgiving day. hope all of yours was swell.