November 28, 2010

week 27

these past four days, i've made about 7 batches of chocolate chip cookies. they're so goOOodoodDo. school resumes tomorrow, i'm so not digging that. this weekend, i had to finish my street assignment for photography and..and.adn... i rewinded the film the wrong way by accident. i exposed some lot.. aw i'm trying not to freak out about it. it shouldn't be such a big deal, i can just roll it tomorrow and develop whatever i got. i honestly hated this assignment though. it's not that fun hipshooting or taking photos of strangers in a duration of one week. my camera isn't even semi-automatic which made it a lot harder for me. whatever.

i'm really really not looking forward to this week. i have a pre-calc test on friday on lessons that i couldn't understand. but i'm going to go ice skating soon with my new bladessss, can't wait. we also got a new christmas tree coming -- can't wait to decorate it!!!