December 24, 2010

3 hours till christmas

i'm watching lolita right now. it's christmas eve and i didn't anything productive. all the presents are wrapped up, crowding my bedroom. i woke up at 1 today. the first thing i did after getting out of bed, i went to my grandma's and got lunch, then watched my sister play you belong with me by taylor swift and dawn by dario marionelli on the piano. last night i watched becoming jane with anne hathaway and james mcavoy. i loved it, even thought it's kind of a fictitious biography because nobody really knows what happened in jane austen's life, i would not have directed it any other way. and today i watched the switch with jennifer aniston and jason bateman, which was pretty alright, the screenplay was adapted by the same writer of the virgin suicides. and then i watched sofia coppola's somewhere. i hate to say it was boring but it really was, there was no plot to follow and it was just an hour and a half of watching an actor's boring life in fame. the colors and scenery and lighting was magnificent though, and i love that the only music played was julian casablancas and phoenix.

yesterday was the last day of school. did nothing at all. i was late for lab because i always am and didn't even get to finish it. then my british lit teacher exploded into an unnecessary bitch fight with the class and made us write instead of watching pride and prejudice and then forgave everyone for things we didn't do and tried to resolve everything by giving us hugs. no, i'm going out the back door. i enlarged my first photo essay roll in photography. ultimately i was the only person left in the dark room and it was scary because it's dark and scary and dark and lonely. the rest of the day, i really did nothing. i sat and drew and talked and gave out my baked treats. i made tree and snowflake cookies and cupcakes. every time i bake, i try something new. this was the first time i have ever used cookie cutters and premade fondant.

and on this last day of the week, my friends and i went out to sugar cafe diner. it was so much fun. we were high on food and sugar and jokes. i did not bring my digital, but i brought my ae-1 because i just recently loaded it with color film and was excited to use it.

i wasn't totally in the holiday spirit until the end of the school day when people hugged and said goodbyes or see-you-next-years. now i'm pretty hyped to see extended family and friends tomorrow. i gotta bake more too since i'm in charge of the sweets during dinner parties. i should get back to lolita now. it's not loading..