December 26, 2010


i had a good time last night. our dinner party table was never ending. i insisted that whenever anyone was done with their dinner, they could get their treats. i made dozens of tree sugar cookies and made a diy station where only a few kids did themselves, i did the rest. i also made more fondant bow cupcakes and those went away quickly but people didn't want to eat them because they were so pretty. i was completely flattered all day. our tree was falling over because of the overflowing amount of presents stuffed under it. most of them were for the little kids, where there were a lot. only one of them was mine, and it was actually something i wanted.

after the party, allyson and i had a virtual sleepover. we watched half of black swan and fell asleep at 2am. i was supposed to wake early today so anna could come over and pick up her christmas gift but i guess this blizzard is unbeatable. so i woke up all excited because it didn't snow at 2am but it was snowing when i got up. after brunch, i walked around the house with a stuffy nose. and then decided i should go out and help shovel. i put on tights, leggings, socks, two sweaters, gloves, jacket, scarf, hat, and boots and went out with my shovel. it was so gorgeous out and it still is. i shoveled for about half an hour and then stopped and took photos. i actually hate shoveling while it's still snowing. cleaning now kinda contradicts the fact that all the work you went through will be covered by another blanket of snow soon. whatever. now i'm on my parent's computer.. computering and eating ferrero rocher and about to play a mmporg. hehehe okay bye