December 31, 2010

it's new year's eve!

12 more hours! i'm actually really nervous. i never saw january coming so soon, with regents and SATs oh shit regents.. i forgot i still have to make up my trig regents. yo fuck the system. i seriously do not want to. since it's new years eve, i guess i should be writing a whole post reminiscing about the greatest memories of 2010. i want to but i'm afraid i'll bore you. first off, i made another blog where i will be selling off some clothes. don't know when i'll actually be open to orders; i have never sent packages before. and i have other important things to get together before i get excited about sending and receiving. second, i'm whoring my facebook once again, after all the photos i took today, i posted only forty on fb and basically none on flickr. i was looking forward to a 52weeks photo from the event but i'd have to post the whole album to share what it was like and i can't share that to the whole world. this will happen only a lot in the future. i wish i could make an official fan page for my work but i don't think i'm that incredible.

third, i made a list of the things i have never tried with photography
  • concerts
  • stars
  • serious nature
  • street - asking a stranger
  • agency models
  • use lightroom

they have become my new years resolutions to at least attempt them. another resolution would be to get my grades up. i've always been an average 80s-90s kid who works their way up to mid 90s real slow. though it's difficult this year because my teachers are either mental, the subject doesn't make sense, or any kind of help is being disrupted. so specific resolutions would be
  • stop skipping first period (excludes subs, no exams on fridays, or just physically impossible to get there)
  • wake up earlier!!!! i'm so serious you miss the bus every fucking morning its not funny to run and spill hot cocoa everywhere
  • kiss english teacher's ass
  • TRY to focus in precalculus
  • throw out/sell clothes you don't wear/need
  • accomplish at least one of the photography things
  • collegeegesgsegegsegsgsess
  • accomplish something with a trophy/medal/plate/name somewhere

there has been two lists made so far, i don't think you'd care for a list of my greatest 2010 memories by now. so celebrating 2011 eve's eve, liz threw a small party. it was actually really nice as a smaller group than usual. i like small groups. after this awful 3590ft blizzard in the city, the metro transportation shut down and people were stuck at home or somewhere for days. thursday was the day nature decided to clean up the mess it left. liz asked for me to get there early, i don't know why, we just watched tyra and made jokes. we hid when allyson's party arrived, i hid in the bath tub. only ella knew and it was awkward because the tub was still wet and those bitches gave up on finding me. we made pancakes (with weird stuff in it), snowball fight in her yard with her dogs pissin everywhere, ordered pizzaz, and moved the fun to the park.

on our trip hiking through three feet of snow the one block and corner to the park, we found a dead bird and they had another snowball fight. allyson's friend confirmed to us that the buses weren't working when she tried to leave and that got everyone freaked out. so the party went back home and we called every car service available and nothing was going to solve it except walking the whole thirty blocks to the subway station. basically, everyone walked me home because i live on the other side of the marina from liz's house, and it was chill. it wasn't that cold out but it was dark and i probably would not have walked past marine park in the dark alone even if the bus wasn't functioning. so tis was my week minus the sleep-at-2-am-and-wake-at-1-pm festivities [doing absolutely nothing at home and complaining about it].