December 18, 2010

last school friday of the year

another dreadful week of school, the last full week of the year. last night we went to our favorite homey restaurant, two boots. we reminisced on the usual things we would share with each other. after a delicious dinner, we slowly said goodbyes. late at night, weird things happen on the subway. the last time we went to two boots and went home late, elizabeth, noa and i were encountered by a drunk russian who thought his jokes were funny. last night after noa got off, this man who looked like a well-paid father blasted christmas songs and jammed along in one hand with his trumpet. it really wasn't that impressive, but i thought it was funny so i tried to take a photo with my phone. i was already annoyed with the guy sitting across from me but my phone's flash went off when i took it, and i didn't notice until everyone was looking at me. my flash is usually off, it was on bc i took a photo of an ugly bug on the wall the night before. it was a little embarrassing.. especially when elizabeth got off and left me all along with the awkward company of the subway.

when i got home, i met a stack of books on my desk. kim's book orders came and i wondered how she carried all this home. i went to find her, she was in her pajamas from pajama day at school. she came upstairs with me and we took photos with our fake and lame christmas tree. i needed a holiday photo for 52weeks since it wasn't going to snow until christmas. also snapped some photos with our new piano and old piano. no, i don't play piano, my sister does. nope, wait i can play heart and soul. that's good enough right? after she did all her saturday school homework, i said we should read some of her new books. we read two and then my other sister insisted we should watch tangled afterward. i was going to watch pride and prejudice but they've been wanting to watch tangled for ever. tangled was a good movie, rapunzel definitely looked like mandy moore when her hair was cut (spoiler, nope). well it was funny but i kept asking myself how this was appropriate for disney viewers, with a noose and falling off a tower to your death.. mad violent yo.

oh and before we watched the movie, we made our first gingerbread house! a cardboard puzzle gingerbread house. it's an improvement.

today, i shall start baking my cookies for christmas. i know i won't have time before the last day of school, i gotta begin now. i'm not sure what kind of cookie decoration i'll make but i want to make them custom to the people i'm giving them to. i've never used cookie cutters before. oh i also have to make my traditional christmas cupcakes. i haven't made cupcakes since... easter or something.