December 4, 2010


hi i can't write a post about yesterday right now because i am suffering a high fever.

edit 12/9/10: hi. i'm back. i'm full of energy and strength to press these keys and tell you why i delayed this post for a week. my little brother and sister had been infested with germs and everything and became sick. i tuck them into bed when my parents aren't home, which is always, so i get pretty close to them when i do. also when my brother is pissed off and he's sick, he would cough at you in your face. i contracted this illness which included a 103 fever and all kinds of muscle and bone pains and cough and cold and shit on thursday. i felt it when i was sitting on the library floor during my free period with elizabeth and daniel. my knees got so weak and my back wanted to just curl up. on my subway ride home, i became so uncomfortable, i felt like dying. the fever didn' completely show up that night so i thought i was okay for the night. the next morning, i wasn't sure whether to go to school or not so i took my time getting ready. i went downstairs to the kitchen and prepared my breakfast and medicine. i just wanted to sleep. i took my medicine and jet, i remembered that i had a chemistry quiz and a big precalc test. oh plus, i had to go to ice skating with allyson. i tried to stay strong throughout the day, did whatever i could to make it a little easier for me and everyone.

so when allyson and i met up afterschool, i was still coughing and my body temperature was on a rollercoaster. we went ice skating anyway but before that we had to find a place to eat. the zaiya cafe at kinokuniya had absolutely nothing so we left for the zaiya cafe at midtown. as dumb as i could be, i chose the seat by the door. we ate our little sandwiches quick and went to bryant park. we also picked up some hot cocoa while waiting on the line. nothing so bad was happening yet. i got my blades sharpened, found available lockers and we put on our ice skates. by this time we didn't want to go on the rink anymore but we did of course. ice skating is the best experience ever, i must tell you, it is a beautiful thing, unless you don't know how to skate which leads to another story. there were this group of particular someones who absolutely obviously had no skill on ice. little did we know, we thought that when they went out of balance, they needed help so allyson assisted. then as the fucking bitch she was she looked us in the eye and said "okay bye". alright goodbye fucker.. rude. the rest of our joyous time there, we eye-picked the ones we knew were going to make other skaters fall head over blades literally. we just watched as we skated around. they were so obnoxious it was unbelievable! every person who fell was knocked down by one of these people. they would hold on to your waist and then push you, they would grab your shoulder and pull you down, they would try to dance on the fucking ice and pull your hair out. they drove me absolutely nuts so i left and got tea. /fast forward to 9pm.

i didn't realize how late it was when i got off my subway station. i honestly thought there would have been a considerate bus driver waiting for me at my stop but there was actually not one stranger in the streets. pretty damn disappointed and exhausted as fuck, i began my twenty block tread home. it was scary and lonely and most of all, cold and dry. if you add an extra pound for my camera, another three for my skates, another five for my school bag, you would get a girl who wanted to drop dead right there in the streets. i felt so helpless and drained out, i was so sick too and nobody was out to hear me. by the time i got home, it was almost ten. i dropped my stuff off in the living room and put on my new plush robe and sat in bed with some hot tea. i asked my sister to bring my stuff up to my room and then i summarized my night by watching the polar express with my two sisters in my parents room. the following two days, i suffered in my robe, sweating and shaking and coughing up phlegm. it was the worst weekend of my life, especially since my immune system used to be a lot better, i would usually heal within a day without medicine. i was on eight different medications and didn't see a real doctor till tuesday afterschool. i couldn't seek medical help till then because they were moving offices at the time, oh what a coincidence. in conclusion, i am better. i hope i didn't miss anything important. i heard tumblr was down when i was ill too, and got better the morning it was restored. hehehe okay bye