December 3, 2010

post from school

I am sitting on the floor of my locker section right now. Only the no-tenth-period kids are hanging here. Instead of socializing, I'm trying to take notes on for the chemistry quiz I missed this morning. I'm starving, I only have a chocolate chip muffin to eat right now. I'm also sick, with warm blood and rosy cheeks, my skin is on fire but I'm not sweating. My fingers however, are freezing to the tips. And I can also feel the ends of my chilly toes inside my shoes. I don't feel good at all. I had a fever yesterday and came to school only to get my precalc test over with and to receive my report card. After school, Allyson and I will go ice skating at citi pond in bryant park. I'm so tired of being sick already and hope that I won't feel the pain on the ice. Tomorrow will be worse, I know it. When you go ice skating after a long period of time, all your muscles ache the next morning. Its awful bc of the suffering but at least you know that you just used every muscle in your body.

I just want to sleep. Every cold surface sends goosebumps up and down my body. I'd lie on the floor right now if the school hadn't stunk all day. I would like to go home and pass out but I had been looking forward to citi pond since last friday. I'd rather get sicker than having to miss the day right after they lit the christmas tree. Alright there are four minutes left, I'm going to pretty myself now. Bai