December 11, 2010

puddles of tea

i found out late last night that my thermos had leaked in my bag. this will be the last time i buy a hot drink before shopping, the last time i buy a medium tea from starbucks of course. unlike a lot of people, i like my beverage pre-made. not produced in a bottle like lipton iced tea, like from a deli where the people behind the counter make it for you. with starbucks, it's too complicated for me and they just did not have normal tea so i had to order green tea. i didn't know how much sugar to put in and what the difference the honey packet the guy gave me was going to make. i held it around the store for like an hour waiting for it to cool down. by the time i got to the fitting room, i was all fuck this and poured the liquid over to my thermos that was filled with hot cocoa that morning. i put it in my nylon bag and forget it was there until before i go to bed. by the time i take it out, the lid is dried so i would not have noticed it got to the bottom of my bag. i took out my folder to get a flyer and it's dripping. my expression starts to slip off the surface of my face as i take my school planner and the rest of my belongings out. good thing my wallet is a plastic leather material and my pencil bag is plastic. my planner was totally fucked, all the writing smeared off the bottom of the pages. i went to get the hair dryer and sat on my floor for an hour blowdrying through the pages. the corners curled and the pages flipped cartwheels. i honestly love wet paper, i used to enjoy reading my books in the shower because when it dried it left a cool texture. but this wasn't cool, it was my personal planner and the only folder i brought home because it had important shit in it. now my hp7 receipt, grade 100 essay, new looseleaf, and all my math homework was ruined by dumb expensive tea. yeah i'm a little bummed, it's okay though because it was green tea, not black coffee. now here are some cool photos of the wet pages :)