December 14, 2010

what happened

i uploaded some photos last night with a wooden palette model of a stegosaurus. i was in my mom's room, where the dinosaur was, waiting for my sister to come home with our take out. i neverrrr eat take out. the last time i ate take out, i was like 12. i can never finish them either. anyway, the title of this post is so because this afternoon, i got real confused. too many events happened that got me puzzled but i smiled because they don't happen often. i had planned to go to soho and pick up a new bristol pad, and i did, though my trip there was an adventure. since i had nothing to eat and it was cold, i decided i should walk to the deli afterschool and pick up a nice hot cup of tea. i walk across lincoln center as a shortcut and while i look left and right to jaywalk across columbus avenue, i pick up my pace a little to just cross the street. in between the two sidewalks, i slip (i don't even clearly remember this) and fall on my ass. i'm sitting in the middle of the road laughing at the same time wondering oh shit there's cars coming behind me. this couple in their twenties walk over to me asking if i'm alright, they try to help me up. i really don't recall how i slipped or there ever being an ice puddle but that i landed on the ground really swiftly with my wrists holding me up so i didn't hurt my butt. i got up still smiling because i thought it was funny and the guy of the two mentioned that it had happened to him twice today. today was probably the first time i have personally seen snow on the ground this season so it was understandable that people were suddenly tripping everywhere. let's note that i have never in my life ever fallen in public before, moreover ever by myself and people actually saw. i laughed it off as they went into a starbucks, i didn't find the incident to be embarrassing at all. most probably because nobody laughed but would rather to make sure i was okay. so that was that and i continued my stroll to soho.

i get on the train at columbus circle, it's crowded which never happens so i had to stand, and this business guy who is sitting down is loudly shushing everyone. he turned heads alright and nobody knew what he was silencing the train about...awkward. when i do get a seat, a big guy gets on and tries to sit on the other end of my bench. the train accelerated and threw him right over this girl who was sitting near the window seat. her guy friend exclaims oh my god but didn't push him to protect her. it was also an awkward moment because everyone pretended like it didn't happen afterward but i smiled still. i guess the rest actually happens after i pick up my bristol pad. that included this girl running across houston right into a guy who was riding his bike perpendicular to her direction. i was kind of standing on the sidewalk, watching like i knew it was going to happen. nobody got hurt.

i'll include here what happened yesterday too. i missed the bus on my way home and when i finally caught up, the dick driver shut the doors on my fingers. i called him a dick when he closed the doors and stomped off. the rest of the way, with the bus following me, i had my middle finger up in my pocket and strutted home proud as fuck because i hate the mta and forever will. strange events also happened on my walk home, like this guy outside a market was on the phone telling the other person to become a hooker. that if that person wanted money, they should go suck a lot of dick and bitch about their huge income later. i laughed on the inside. in conclusion, i'm still confused about what happened these past two days but i'm alright with it because these things don't happen to me everyday and i like new experiences. it's funner when you don't give up to feel ashamed about something like falling in public and rather take pride in it and walk it off. you probably don't know what the hell i mean, it's okay.