September 27, 2010

this is about my grandparents

I am typing this as I walk home from the subway station. I may get hit by a car for doing this but I'm gonna be careful. This has nothing to do with photography so if you were in for that, you can stop reading. I passed a cafe my grandpa always goes to every single day on my way home today. He was the only person drinking tea in there. If he catches me walking home, he woiuld offer a snack at the cafe or money. Normally, I would refuse because I just don't like to take stuff from old people but he insists. I would see him walking to bakery once or more times a day. From as early as nine am he would go, and the bakery is located about fifteen blocks away. At times when I don't see hinhe would be sleeping with the tv on or going to drop off/pick up my brother and sister. Same for my grandma. She has gone to each of my siblings' pre-k graduations, including mine. She brings us to the doctor and take care of our sicknesses when my parents can't. They still host family dinner parties every other week to bring their children and grandchildren together. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm quite proud of my grandparents. I could not ask for any other set of such big-hearted grandparents. These are from my father's side by the way. I'm not very fond of my other grandparents. Well I'm home now and it just started raining. I hope you have just as loving g'rents.

September 25, 2010

camera obscura

is what i'm listening to right now. this past week, i've been pretty good with balancing school and friends. my mom left for paris last night for fashion week and i'm not that all happy. especially since she took my newly bought boots without telling me until she was on the plane. other than that, i guess i'm happy for her. in british literature, we had to write sonnets. like the camera cliched person i am, i wrote a sonnet about cameras. i'll share it at the end of this post. sonnets are funner than general poems because they have a guideline which makes everything easier. my sister went to develop my last color roll yesterday and i picked it up today! i'm really pleased with the outcome. the next film pieces i will post in the future will be from school. so my canon ae-1 is kinda being hogged by black and white rolls for the time being.

my lens drawing in with the playground light,
i set the aperture and shutter speed.
the point, the view, the scene, the air, the sight,
the moment to capture is my one greed.
this creation of memory, the take
of true setting, you are stopping in still.
collection of light and dust for who's sake?
for the children of photography will
admire these works; they express so much
that chemicals can only bring to us.
we can develop to fix eyes on such.
let us not forget times between the fuss
and beauty put together in one piece.
the mirror, the button, hold and release.

September 18, 2010

i am drained in energy and spirit

school is driving me crazy. our assembly was basically having the college directors tell us that it will be almost impossible for us to get into college. like, thanks, that's just how you start a new school year. and they mentioned that we should do extra-curricular activities and also assumed that we all may have jobs. are they stupid? most of us, not including me, gets out of school after 4pm and most of us don't even live less than an hour away. there is no time for me to be going to extra classes or sat prep or babysit or even hold a legit job together. i get home at 6 or later and have to cram everything on my after school schedule into 4 or 5 hours so i can sleep well. so fuck you school and dumb college directors and education, i'm not going to follow your standard path to getting into college. i would get into the part where i almost made up my mind to not go to college but i won't because this blog isn't for that.

i have photography this year and if i want to achieve some sort of career in the field, then i have to start over. therefore, we've been experimenting with pinhole cameras, light sensitive paper, and film in the past week as well as next couple of weeks so i don't really have time to adventure with my dslr. i don't have anyone to blame but school for the lack of photos i've been posting so i apologize in advance if i seem to be inactive from time to time.

now onto other things: the tumblr app doesn't seem to be really working on my blackberry recently and i don't know why. i don't have time for anything anymore; i don't see my friends that often nor even my mom. she finally had a day off yesterday. i hadn't seen her since the fashion show. and she'll be leaving for fashion week in paris soon for a lonnng time and i'm just gonna be really pissed. i wish i could have the day to myself today but i should start on my u.s. and chem project. and last but not least, just like every other laguardian with somewhere to post, lourdes leon, aka lola aka madonna's biological daughter, attends our school now. i don't think she's going to stay till her senior year here, she's too busy for that. the fifth floor cafeteria has limited seating and all freshman go there because of lourdes. she's not even that cool, especially when she's not eating but instead having her frans crowd up the lunchroom. so if all yall freshmen can pick up your newbie ass and move to the seventh floor cafeteria, that'd be pleasant.

the above are time exposure picture thingithings. whatever, this will explain.

September 12, 2010

fashion week

I am typing this through my phone in bed. I'm just waiting for the caffeine to wear off. While I'm waiting, ill update about what's been going on. Tuesday night kicked off fashion's night out at lincoln center with a fashion show with anna wintour where I did not attend because I was busy being excited and nervous for the first day of school. So instead, amanda came over and helped me make cookies then I watched anaconda and piranha 3d. Wednesday was first day and I discovered that my junior year schedule was going to be a disaster. Not only do I not have lunch with anyone but I also have chemistry first but you don't care. What does matter is that I have a 9 period schedule this year and finally have to take photography! Afterschool, I got a new phone! Its been almost four years with my old phone. I survived the worst with it and I deserve this pretty, shiny blackberry bold. Thursday, I met up with anna and went to chill at the zoo and ate at two boots but instead we just taught each other how to get more addicted to these crackberries. Wow I'm getting tired. Friday was the official kickoff for fashion's night out in nyc. Ate at sugar diner with allyson, noa, liz, elizabeth, katherine, and holly. Then met up with mariel and her friend sona to go check out designer boutiques and collection stores like gwen stefani's new harajuku line, marc by marc jacobs burberry, and michael kors. All I wanted to do was see karen elson perform but she was in chelsea and we were in soho so we didn't meet anyone but still had an amazing night with everyone. Saturday night, which was a few hours ago, I attended zac posen's zspoke 2011 fashion show at lincoln center with liz, allyson, noa, and liz's mom. I like that fashion week has moved over closer to school; lincoln center is definitely the fashion spot now. It was weird walking past people who weren't invited into a fancy tent. I usually entered backstage with my mother every other time. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see my mom till after the show. It was another fantastic line by zac, which is avaliable at saks fifth avenue. To summarize without any photos, this was a week I won't forget (oh and september 11, 2001, never forgot what I was doing at that time). Fashion, lights, teenage life galore!

/edit: here are some photos

September 3, 2010

canon film developed!

i got so excited when i handed the rolls in. but i had to wait three hours because they felt like it. they could do it all under one hour but whatever, i didn't want to nag. to waste time, i brought my brother to places, and tried to open a new phone myself. that didn't work but i really really need a new one before school starts! by five pm today, i went to pick the film up. i jaywalk along the streets taking a small glance for passing cars while i admired the new photos. the canon ae-1 ones came out really nice but my sister's scanner kinda messed with the quality by posterizing some parts. ugh but the harikin ones came out great as always. i posted up several from both cameras on flickr, and here i'll post some that weren't put up there.

oh oh oh! i also got my ears pierced yesterday :)))