November 30, 2010

i wish

(and i'm saying this for the third time today) i wish i was on the best coast, the west coast. i just .. need a ticket right now to san francisco. it's dumb cold here and tomorrow's going to be worse. winds gusting over 50 mph, rain, thunder, but 35-60 degrees?! wtf new york. this is not how we celebrate the first of december.

today, i brang cameron to school (yeah.. i probably have never used the name of my camera here ever but i can't say digital slr all the time so embed it in your brain) because i had club. in that case, i took photos on my way home. no, they're not exactly flickr-worthy but i don't care because i have pro and i should use it. i surprised my mom and grandma by giving my lil siblins their bath and washing their hair. i initially only wanted to give kim a hot bath because she said she was cold and so i recommended my relaxing-in-a-steaming-tub remedy. the bathroom got so warm and nice, my brother got jealous.

i really wish i could take advantage of the weather in the city right now, i should learn how. and make my models sacrifice their health for my aspiring career. lol nah i shouldn't, let's keep it indoors. i can't wait till xmasxmasxmas. i'm excited to shop, wrap, and bake for the holidayssss i can't even expressss. it's really cold in this house.

November 28, 2010

week 27

these past four days, i've made about 7 batches of chocolate chip cookies. they're so goOOodoodDo. school resumes tomorrow, i'm so not digging that. this weekend, i had to finish my street assignment for photography and..and.adn... i rewinded the film the wrong way by accident. i exposed some lot.. aw i'm trying not to freak out about it. it shouldn't be such a big deal, i can just roll it tomorrow and develop whatever i got. i honestly hated this assignment though. it's not that fun hipshooting or taking photos of strangers in a duration of one week. my camera isn't even semi-automatic which made it a lot harder for me. whatever.

i'm really really not looking forward to this week. i have a pre-calc test on friday on lessons that i couldn't understand. but i'm going to go ice skating soon with my new bladessss, can't wait. we also got a new christmas tree coming -- can't wait to decorate it!!!

November 25, 2010


i'm thankful for everyone and everything i have right now. i'm very grateful to own all that i have come upon in the past year (i'll get to that in the end of the year). my family celebrated thanksgiving, last night, because most of the members had the day off but not today (must be some important jobs). i was originally supposed to attend this thanksgiving eve party at the empire hotel, but.. there are some things you shouldn't expect so highly of. instead, i followed friends to 82nd st to watch the macy's thanksgiving parade balloons get blown up. it wasn't interesting or fun, it was cold, crowded, and dark plus, i never watch the parade. all i want to do is eat a lot and sleep in.

i woke up this morning to aching cramps. squirmed around in my bed for an hour and then finally got up at 11. i made mozzarella sticks and watched the cake boss marathon. now i am watching wild target and drinking my third cup (thermos-size) of chrysanthemum tea. ..this movie is funny, seriously comical with three of my favorite british actors. so this was my productive thanksgiving day. hope all of yours was swell.

November 19, 2010

are you mad

i just came home from watching hp7. it was amazing i must say, but the ending could have been better. many parts made me laugh, awe, and get angry and that's what makes it so good. so unfortunately, our school did not perform the hogwarts theme like they said they would this morning, i was disappointed, also to the fact that the teachers for the first half of my classes weren't even in school. maybe it's just me, but when teachers aren't there and we have a sub that doesn't have a plan, it's just a huge waste of time. and other bad news, i didn't bring my dslr to school because.. it's bulky plus i had to do my street photography assignment with film (which i only took like 4 shots so far in the dark). therefore, i am sad that i don't necessarily have a 52 weeks photo to sum my excitement for harry potter week so i'll make it up tomorrow... after all my art homework.

ps: about three quarters of the school wore slytherin colors... .. .. whatever
most of us should've been ravenclaw
and the kids who wore hufflepuff.. ugh
and you "griffindor" kids, yeah right.
and you other kids wearing neon colors.. no

pps: my instax 210 came! the size of it according to the preview photos are very misleading..
aight bai

November 15, 2010

harry potter week!

i'm so excited! even though i have big dark secret about my history with the series, i won't ruin everyone with it because it's harreh pottah weeeeek. today i missed chemistry because i wanted breakfast and i got breakfast but i needed to hide my hot drink in my bag since they confiscate it in school (for some dumbass reason) and i thought i would stop by the bench bordering lincoln center to put it away. instead, this crowd of harry potter fans were hogging my bench like the losers they are (nah jk but seriously, you have 12 hours till the premiere). after school, more people packed up the place and harry potter was just what everyone was talking about. when i got home, i watched the red carpet live on mtv and everyone is so amazzzin. i'm soso super excited for friday i can't even it's the only thing getting me through the week. plus, there will most definitely be photos by the end of the week because friday at school is fiorello friday where everything will be hogwarts themed. i'm mad excites i really can't

ps - i'm a ravenclaw. wish i could be slytherin just for tom felton but i'm just not that cruel (fuck you noa)

November 13, 2010

something about my childhood

this is about my life. if you don't care, exit. when i was little, i used to hang around with boys a lot (sorry, bad thesis. this is not generally about boys). all my best friends were girls though. one moved away, one was separated by rumors, and one was just a bitch. i only still keep in touch with my second best friend since kindergarten. she's only one of my closest friends ever now, i don't have a best friend anymore. it's just that more often now, "i don't want to be alone, i want to be left alone" (audrey hepburn) because everyone invades my privacy, even the closest people. i'm bringing this up after my journal opened up to this page (bottom) where i attached a ziploc of my hair, cut from when it was real long, not that long ago. i don't remember the last time my hair was ever that long, so cutting it was definitely something i wanted to remember (i know it's weird, why would anyone want to remember their hair). right now, my sister and my grandma are watching home videos of me when i was like two in the living room. therefore, i can't stop recalling even more memories in my mind. the one about chilling with dudes all my childhood life i would've almost forgot if i don't write it out right now.

from when i was about six to thirteen, i lived in a neighborhood where there were always kids outside playing football, hanging out in garages, and goes to the park all the time. this isn't even the suburbs, just a small neighborhood in brooklyn. school was only a block away so it wasn't surprising that there were so many kids on my block. i remember that on the corner of the block, there was a cute little cat lady who grew honeysuckles on her front yard. two houses down would be a girl my age, and her little sister. three houses down was this old white-haired couple who i couldn't understand (they were nice, but you would expect them to be like those old people on the street who hate kids). across the street from them, was this weird tomboy girl who wore olive hoover glasses and her family who kept their christmas lights up all year (one time, she got me so mad that i started cursing right then right there). the house next to the old couple was my grandma's and my cousin's. next door to theirs was this italian family who had twins when we moved out. i always thought they looked like a younger version of buffy and angel. two houses down was mine. and the next few houses were the guys about four years older than i was. obviously, even though they were in the sixth grade then i thought they were like high school seniors.

i didn't know these guys very well, and they didn't know me. we were just neighbors getting along. they gathered at the garage behind our house all the time. my bedroom had the window facing the garage and i'd always listen in if they were loud. (oh i also really liked spying so yeah, i applied those skills too, that's not creepy). anyway, the point is, i miss that neighborhood, everyone was really friendly. i would sit home watching my afternoon cartoons, and then someone would come ring my door and ask if i can come out and play. of course i had girl friends who waited for me to come out to chill too. people were always outside, just being active. basketball, football, skateboarding, handball, drawing on the sidewalk, hide and seek, and barbecues. i remember when my friend and i started a water gun fight on the whole block. several water balloon fights came in the weeks that followed. it was crazy fun. if i walk down that same street now, i probably wouldn't feel the same vibe, but it's good to know that my childhood was there. the huge bedford park two blocks away also contained a hella lot of memories. they recently reconstructed the entire playground which really kills me.

i remember going back there about two years after everyone graduated the fifth grade, and i reunited with a few of my old friends. some people changed, and some didn't. it was quite cool to see the difference. i actually wouldn't mind reuniting with kids from elementary; i remember every single one of them. i see a couple on the morning train to school sometimes. facebook isn't a good idea for me to reunite. i'd rather see them in person and not be a creep to find out what's up. i would never wish to reunite with people from middle school, unless we still keep in contact. those three years were just unnecessary. wow, it's just crazy. all these flashbacks.. and wow, it's 11:30. i have got to finish this boring book and write an essay. this was just something i needed to post. it's probably the only thing that made me happy about life today.

November 12, 2010


disgusting. i just bit a part of my freshly painted nail polish. i used milani disco lights. yes, i tend to wear glittery nail lacquer, it's my thang. this is week 25 of my 52 weeks project. this week, i've been student-dying, reading a book about american reburials, missed chemistry because someone got shot down at my local subway station, drinking a hella lot of tea, purchased my hp7 tickets, bought a boombox, and published in teen ink magazine again! i have a few more things to share. so i'm going to post the photos and put captions underneath k? k.

took some photos with the light coming in thursday afternoon

asked my little brother to pose for me in front of my mirror for an assignment in a school club (he's so adorbs)

and here is my caricature for my pen and ink class. i think it's pretty kewlbeanz that i'm even able to draw caricatures. i look super ghetto but i do make this face a lot. just thought i'd shaaaare. by the way, what is up with the weather here? flurries early this week, coldness, sunny, warm end of the week? and why is the school using fancy, thick paper for everything?

November 6, 2010

book face

this last friday was alright, just gonna say i've had better laughs. ate good stuff at sugar because it's sugar. i was sooo hungry. onward. i'm supposed to be doing my homework right now,.. for the past 12 hours actually because that's what i told my mom i would be doing while she was in philly. instead i cleaned my entire bedroom -- this included sorting all my clothes and shoes, which later led me to start giving some away (if you live in nyc, ..freebies?) -- and watched about eight episodes of csi and csi: ny at the same time. then met new relatives? at a family dinner party tonight. so since i'm typing this post hastily, i'll throw it this out there to make it easier for me, add me on facebook! most (usually all) outtakes are uploaded there (if you care)! Of course, the purpose for this blog is to describe what happens in those photos.

in that case, the series consisted of a little shoot in photography class with noa, aissatou, bayli, and cynara. afterschool didn't go as i had planned but seven or eight of us went to sugar diner in soho for dinner. we stopped by the tagged mural on houston and bowery. that block is amazing.. between elizabeth and bowery on e houston. you can thrift pretty cool vintage stuff outdoors and in and then the other half of the block is the mural tagged by graffiti artists of famous signatures. i must go back to that little market. well that's the end of my week, i have to do homework now.

November 2, 2010