January 14, 2011

beautiful calm driving deep sea pearl diving

yes, i'm in a sia mood again. it's almost midnight on this very friday, and i'm gnawing on my last kit kat bar while the mtv skins party is going on. i could have invited myself for sleigh bells, oh wait i did, but it's not worth waiting out 10 at night in 12 degree weather among ten thousand other people in a warehouse on a dock that nobody's heard of. this week has been absolutely dreadful. my eyeballs want to crawl deep into my sockets and hibernate there forever. this was my last minute week, the week where i stress over trying to put everything in school together before finals and the next semester. never again.

tuesday, i did not go to chem (already failed a resolution) because i simply overslept. i was not looking forward to anything but a snow day for wednesday. nobody gave a fuck if it was going to be 8 inches, nobody wanted to go to school. so that day i went to soho myself looking for a birthday present for noa, which is not avaliable in stores so i kind of wasted my time. didn't really care because i knew i wasn't going to school wednesday.

wednesday, i was actually prepared to go to school. my two alarms went off, turned them off and never woke up again until my sister got up. when i heard her return to her room after her alarm and didn't make any noise, i assumed it was a snow day and made myself comfortable in bed again. two hours after my alarm my mom assures me that the mta and schools are opened. for the next twenty minutes, i just laid in bed wondering and fantasizing about all the student's angry reactions toward bloomberg. awful awful. i woke up again at one and don't remember doing anything except watching all good things. confusing movie, but it kinda helped further the case to people who aren't aware of this missing person.

thursday, was noa's birthday. the school expected robert de niro as a visitor, alumni of course! my photography teacher got all ready and nervous for his arrival. i left for the bathroom once and when i came back, she got excited, aww. he never showed up in our class and broke out tender hearts. that focker. but he did visit my other teacher, who is extremely fond of famed people, but she acted if it was no big deal to us. afterschool, the mta decided to stall every train going to brighton. normally, i wouldn't care and chat away the time but i had a timed schedule for completing my homework and preparing my portfolio in one night and such and dis bitch goes ahead and stops functioning. the bus ride home took just as long. i got home at eight, leaving me two hours to do everything including dinner and shower before the time i should go to bed. i stayed up till 12.

friday, i surprisingly woke up early and got to school on time, AND.. wait for it, went to first period! wuttt i kno lol first time this week. reg ol day, except volleyball. it was aggressive and i cried so hard from laughter. i don't even know, you had to be there. now i'm at home, typing with my droopy eyes, while some losers are partying like losers for a loser show about losers okay.

something i feel bad about: after my first photoessay roll, i thought i would complete at least two color rolls of film before the next photoessay roll because i had plans but no, a certain somebody likes to crush promises. therefore, i'm going to get a lower grade because i currently have color film on my ae-1, fourteenth frame, and i refuse to waste it away. the film, the processing, etc costs money, this photoessay doesn't. i'd rather get a lower grade and explain why. other than that, i'm going to try to finish it this weekend, and start that damn roll.

hope your week was just as fine.