January 29, 2011

captain excellent

i'm watching paper man right now. i guess it's supposed to be about a confused writer who moved to montauk (where there is nothing). nothing in nothing. i feel like nothing. i'm supposed to be very excited this time of month. chinese new year and my birthday is approaching and i haven't been a tad happy about it. well maybe except yesterday, when my mom and grandma realized it was my chinese birthday. (i'm supposed to be 18 if i lived in china, cool shit right?!)

i guess i should write about my week now. i never feel like doing it, especially if it's been an unproductive, lame week. firstly, let me notify you that the third or fourth heavy blizzard this winter dumped itself on us this week. what did i do monday? don't remember. tuesday, i went to school when noone else did and retook the trig regents. no pressure, because my art teacher of three years was my proctor and there were only five kids in the room, probably approximately 20 people in the entire building. wednesday, nothing, i didn't expect to do anything, it was my first real day off during the break. i had a specific schedule for thursday, i even went to bed early. but no, that was when the heavy snow fell on us and the mayor for once decided to close schools and not prepare the city for it, which was unusual because it wasn't a normal school day for high school students so doing that really drove us insane. friday, i walked to and from the mall with amanda, didn't buy anything, just needed to do something. i wore very weather-inappropriate shoes for the walk, which almost resulted me in multiple deaths. after swearing ninety-nine percent of the way, i zombie-walked home alone because i lost amanda on the way and i was so furious, i just couldn't express it. i finished all my written homework, the only assignments left, i have to go out and buy. ugh

i watched csi all week though. and in conclusion of my on/off marathon, decided i should work hard in chemistry for real because working in forensics would actually be nice. i don't' want to be a crime scene investigator, i want be a lab rat, as a trace technician, mainly because i have the abilities minus chemistry knowledge to be one and that i can't handle death. that's another story.
so now, i'm going to upload my 52weeks photo to display how nothing i am this week and watch this weird movie.