January 10, 2011

let's not fight, i'm tired, cant we just sleep tonight?

(photo from summer 2010)

soon we'll be found - sia
our grand central plan was off. allys and kp had to finish a test (on conference day!), buggers. so i went to time warner and looked at cards waiting for them. we went to magnolia bakery afterward, such a yummy place. kp is going to apply for a job there, i might too. it's really close to school and their atmosphere is so delicious and the employees are so friendly. after satisfying our sweet tooth, we walked to columbus circle for the train. i noticed a crowd outside the empire hotel, of course gossip girl filming. allyson and katherine the "drama majors" they are, went up so close to the set, it wasn't allowed. i was eavesdropping what the brazilian fangirls behind me were saying while waiting for my legs to numb out from the cold. i couldn't understand portuguese but they definitely were not from the neighborhood. the cold took over and we left, we didn't see anyone. i don't even watch this show anymore. none of us do. we stopped by chace's trailer and we chatted up with Q, chace and blake's bodyguard. how suddenly cool are we? he basically gave us a friendly lecture about what his job is. the conversation between the two were so long, i'm sure he'll recognize us next time. the things they talked about.. blake's favorite cake. what