January 7, 2011

pride + prejudice + exhaustion

this movie. it makes you fall in love with love. i just finished completing it for the second time, sixth time watching from the beginning, in the past month. it was required for my british literature class, which is why i'm so into it right now. it was on my list to read but i was never given that push to actually read it until it was mandated this semester. i also just finished the book today. i have to confess that i do not like the endings in neither the book nor movie. the alternate north american ending in the movie is cute and romantic but i was little disappointed in the one in the book. my friend elizabeth also noticed that jane austen never wrote about their weddings in detail, which would have been entertaining but i probably would not have included it either.

as a wannabe film critic, one of my favorite genres ever are old century england films, along with ones about life and teenagers by john hughes. yeah, i guess i have a thing for romance. i also have a thing for shark movies too. though the kind of movies i am absolutely never fond of are the ones where real life animals talk. it bugs me that animals besides parrots and dolphins are able to communicate like humans. it freaks me out and if i were ever forced to watch one, i'd be bothered by the moving mouths than the animation.

anyhow, it snowed today. i was pretty mad that when i left the house this morning there wasn't snow on the ground until i got on the subway. then when i was in school looking out at the view of this five inch snow shower, i just began to hate snow so much. i might have posted that snow is beautiful and whatnot and yes it is, but only when i'm not in school. i wore the wrong shoes for this kind of weather and it would ruin afterschool plans. therefore, we went straight home even though it wasn't snowing, nor were there any fresh snow on the ground, it all melted. i was also reminded today about retaking regents in two weeks. i lied and told my teacher that i was definitely ready to take it. why the fuck should one ever say that especially with a 65, 66, 73, and an 89 on tests. i'm actually really fucked and i blame all of this to my trig teacher last year. i can't even rant about how awful he was and how much all this is his fault because this is a public blog. whatever.

i don't know what to do right now. i'm tired but i want to watch a movie or talk to someone. the one person i've had in mind to talk to doesn't talk to me anymore, so that's out. i don't have a 52week photo from the weekdays because this week has been horrid and slow and dreadful and exhausting even though i've had about three subs, watched two movies, and one preview in the course. i don't have the energy to try for one right now either, or to complete the assignment for club. i wish i had a laptop again. i would watch movies and talk to people on my bed and fall asleep in the middle of it. i wish it was summer.