January 9, 2011

sunday settings

i fell asleep at 2am last night doing homework. and then i woke up in the middle of the night because i had a foot cramp. i had a weird dream that i only recalled when i woke up this afternoon. i wish i didn't forget, because it had allyson and one of my elementary friends in it. so far after getting out of bed, i ate brunch alone, ignored my brother for a whole thirty minutes when he asked for soda, and in my sunday sweats i reminisced some instax photos, including one i took last night of my very unorganized closet, and then took some sunday photos to show you guys how my life is on this very afternoon (boring). it's too cold to go outside, but i'm glad that i finally shot in natural daylight after such a long time.

yesterday, i went to get my new prescription for my glasses. it's actually really sad for me when i have to go to the optometrist. it only reminds me that my eyesight is getting even worse. i'll probably be blind in a few decades. tomorrow (i notice i never use the word tomorrow here), i will be going on an adventure at grand central with allyson. (gee, it is strange to tell you guys my plans). i'm gonna leave it there, it's no fun to tell everything. sooo, i have to finish some chemistry homework, .. and then maybe watch tv.. i should clean my closet but i'm lazy. i'm so glad the sun is out.