January 2, 2011


everyone hates sundays. i hate sundays because the ominous of the ominous occurs on me. it's like bad luck day. besides the fact that i have to complete, prepare, and freak out before the next school day, bad things happen to me at home.

if i wake up late, which i did today, i don't fall asleep till much later than normal. last night, i cleaned every corner of my room except one which doesn't matter, so i was satisfied with my life when i went to bed. today i woke up to my mom accusing me of misplacing a large scarf my grandma made for me. i wanted to strangle something because my mother took that scarf weeks ago and said she would attach a button onto it, but instead i saw it lying around in her room afterward. i yell back that she took it and she's all what are you crazy i didn't take it. and then i slept for another five minutes and woke up to my brother yelling and screaming and not shutting the fuck up downstairs. i got out of bed and took a soft slipper and threw it down the stairs. after brunch, i walked to the photo lab and checked in two rolls of film (color!). i was so excited and happy, i didn't care that my boots were killing my toes. this new guy was there, i guess i don't usually go there on sundays, and he didn't ask for a deposit (which is nice). i always go to this lab but the last time i went there, they exposed all the frames i took of my friends and i was angry. forgive and forget, i went back today and the guy seemed nice so i assume he would take care of the film better. i also noticed today that their prices for film on the board were covered with a piece of paper. i never looked on that wall before but since it was covered, it made me wonder if i was the only person who submitted film there (probably).

when i came back, i found burnt black awful inedible cookies straight out of the oven. if my mom was trying to make them edible, she should start following recipes (she did this with cake on christmas). then she made waffles, which were oily and hard. i go back to the photo lab two hours later to pick up my film, every part of me smiling and being all happy sappy. i take out my receipt and the dude is like "sorry i forgot to tell you before but the machine isn't working right now i forgot i should have told you before i forgot to tell you". my face was all uhhhh huh okay. walking another nine blocks back home, i was disappointed but i get to pick them up tomorrow. i better have every frame printed or punk things will happen. i camera whore for a while back home trying to get a 52weeks photo because i thought the film could be in place for it but no. after that, i stepped on a tiny piece of glass in my room, which was weird because i clearly cleaned every corner of my room yesterday. i haven't had something actually sticking out of the sole of my foot for years. the last time i did, i stepped on plastic and it left a huge cut on my foot. my heel was bleeding everywhere, this tiny cut was a deep cut. blood on the new rug, on the floor, on my jeans and then my mom comes running in with bandaids and cleanser and oil like i'm about to die.

i initially didn't want to write a post because i knew it would take a lot of time. i still have to create a character for a class, pack, make lunch, find an outfit, shower, and take a little sat prep. i don't care if i fall asleep in school tomorrow. i hate sundays and mondays and january and school.

ps: i also tried to log on to my dead myspace today because the first photo reminds me of a moose photo i took (in middle school?) which was like my favorite default ever. and i know i won't be able to find it anywhere except on my laptop (which is dead), my old phone (which is dead) or my myspace. i have absolutely no clue what my email or password is and it's driving me a litttttle crazy

pps: happy new year!