January 20, 2011

wait up you never get nervous anymore

a few photos from this day

i developed this roll on monday. didn't get around to uploading it till now because of finals. i totally (insert more appropriate word than raped) them, that's how i feel. oh wait, i didn't get to take my chemistry final yet. story is.. here we go. i am obviously jinxed with waking up on time during any day that has to do with chemistry. it's my first class.. i'm always late because i live over an hour away. i woke up hella late today. i started walking down the bus station line hoping i would catch the bus along the way and not waste my time at the same time. the bus comes when i'm nearing the subway and i feel for some dunkin donuts breakfast. nope, the line is loaded with st edmunds kids. frustrated, i speedwalk to the subway cursing in my head. every few stops, the train halts and the most annoying automated announcement comes on blablablalbaDELAYED, TRAIN TRAFFIC AHEADblablalbalbal. i'm standing too, which never happens to me, i always got a seat because i was usually early but no. i'm standing there trying to study for my last final of the week and trying to balance myself and not fall over when the train accelerates. this was the longest delay this year. some accident happened apparently. i don't care what happened, my chem teacher doesn't care what happened, i needed to get my ass at school pronto. well i don't get to lincoln center until nine something. i began debating whether to even go to class or to make up the final or some other excuse and then liz came out of nowhere. and then allyson came out of nowhere. we came from three different subways, all together delayed. i was so ready for this final! well, i'll bring it down tomorrow.

i'm super tired from today. i only had one class and was dismissed at 11:30am. what the hell was i gonna do?, shopping! yes, alone. it's depressing but everyone else was at school and i wasn't going to go home and do nothing. instead, i went to herald square and schlopped around then to the mall near home. i was walking for five hours straight. i wanted to drop dead. so i bought a lemonade! that doesn't cure anything by the way. i was just thirsty.

i have to go to sleep reeeal early tonight, because school is on regular schedule now that finals are over. the only thing to worry about after tomorrow is the trig regent and then i'm rolling out. my god, it needs to stop snowing like really, stop. snowing. spring, i am calling you out. i love you.