February 5, 2011


no, i don't have a clever title. i never do.. they're usually song titles anyway. this is my last year as technically a child. quite sad, i'm worried i won't have as much fun as i did the past year since there is more academic stress this school year.

we chose to go to two boots last night to celebrate, it was fit for the atmosphere and we were familiar with the menu for a last minute restaurant. i would mention all seven people that we bumped into on the way there and home but i don't really know most of them. it was just weird but cool. we were supposed to celebrate aissatou's early birthday too but she couldn't make it, neither could phil. :( it was just katherine, elizabeth, liz, noa, allyson and me. i like small groups. we were mad hungz and had many silent eating moments because it was just pretty fucking deliciously satisfying. our waitress reminded me of scarlett johannson in between scoop and ghost world. it was some other kid's birthday, and he got sang for first. but then we ordered dessert and she put a candle on it. my day was complete.

we stopped by barnes and noble later to digest, swooning over pre-teen magazines. i remember those days.. "embarrassing moments", "fact or rumor", the quizzes, and then the huge posters of what is now of rising disney stars i have never seen before and justin beiber. it was really late when we had to leave, and liz had to pee. in emergency, we stopped by crunch fitness and the dude was nice and let her relieve herself there. her dad picked us up, because they love me, and we almost ran over one of the alley cats on my block. funny shit. then.. i got home, edited the photos (rest on fb), read some hp7, forget to shower, and fell asleep.

i did nothing today. i'm up to my last few "potato crisps" (just realized they're not called chips) of my bbq pringles can. i woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon. i couldn't leave because it was going to be ugly out, like every birthday (my mom said i was born on a blizzard day). my younger cousin and my little sister drew me cards and put them in a manila envelope. it was pretty cute, especially how she drew me riding on a bike. i asked her why and she said because i wanted a bike.. things little kids remember. the rest of the day, i leveled three times on maplestory like a true asian, watched the new episode of csi, and watched some jake and amir with my sister until my mom got home. i didn't get the cake i wanted.. because it was too pricy (but i shall definitely get it next year or i'll be real disappointed).. but my aunt got the guy to make it to my taste and it was perfectly fresh. my favorite birthday cakes are the chinese sponge cakes. i love the excessive fruit and the cream and i guess it's because i grew up with them. aw, it's 11:59. i'm officially seventeen and a day old in a minute. let's hope for a year a hundred times better than the last, it was amazing and i thank everyone in my personal and virtual life. lol im out

ps: i made bsp#2. i'm sad i didn't get to leave anything at the park slope b+n yesterday. :(