February 2, 2011

bookstore scavengers project

this is kind of like an interactive project with my followers that i thought up on the subway today. things just come in my head at the weirdest times. it's not exclusive to those followers, just anyone interested, it's for fun!

so the idea is that i'll leave notes, flat objects, photos, etc. in between pages of books (hopefully ones that i assume nobody would touch), and i will give out the exact location for you to find it. i honestly don't think anyone would go out and do such a thing for me but the item will be there for however long it has to. i'll keep a list of the locations i've left the stuff at; if it's no longer there, it's obviously gone. i guess it's just a souvenir for you, if you want it, go and get it.

i asked for your cities because i like to travel, so if i happen to go on a trip over there, i will intentionally leave things behind. i have no desire to let go of this project in the next 560 years so i'll keep this up for as long as i can. i don't see any holes in this idea so i'm going to start with it next time i'm at a bookstore. sorry for those who don't live in the new york city area.. i'm going to have a print giveaway this spring though :D more details soon.

edit: i'm going to use all my extra silver-gelatin prints and make something out of them to slip in books. i have so many from last semester... not even funny.