February 21, 2011

flash dance

i just ate lasagna and lip-synced to kesha and justin bieber. with the little ones of course..
anyway, sorry about the direct post earlier today, it just has to be out there before anyone makes any accusations.

last week or something, i had a us project, which took up a lot of my time. here i am sharing the cover of the project. whyyyy? because i know nobody, especially my teacher, is going to understand that i did everything on this cover except the drawing. i'm probably going to get a low score because of the essay already but if she doesn't realize how much effort i put into making a perfect time magazine template, then everything i did was worthless. a logo large enough to not look pixelated when printed was hard to find, and then i had to grab the person of the year logo right off last year's cover with mark zuckerberg because i couldn't find any updated one large enough. i also enhanced the drawing and cloned the space where the logos are because the drawing itself was too small. everything came out PERFECT though and i was really happy with the outcome. i know that this is kind of an egotistical post but if my teacher doesn't understand how perfect i see it, i might cry.

on the other hand, i shot some instaxes yesterday because i missed the sun. yall seem to really love my sister's room, well you should've seen my expression when it finished developing. the brown and greenness of it is so awesome. what i also love about this instax camera is that it knows when to use automatic flash (when it's dark and not enough natural sunlight is given)

unfortunately, it didn't feel the same way with my room. the angle came out shitty and the flash went off which kind of annoyed me. it totally changes the atmosphere.. but my room is in a way darker than my sister's.