February 14, 2011

rachel antonoff f/w 2011

yessss. i discovered about this saturday while it was still happening and it drove me crazy upset. this was rachel antonoff for fall/winter 2011 and she didn't host the show at lincoln center. instead, she borrowed our school gymnasium! i recognized the gym right away from another video but then i thought it would be possible for other schools to have similar looking gyms so i researched it and fuck yaaaa, laguardia high school reppp!! i am definitely in love with her inspiration of the virgin suicides and a high school dance. i'm making this post now because i have gym tomorrow and i still expect some party leftovers there. probs not, but still, yknow. there's a volleyball stuck between the pipes in the ceiling still.. so maybe there would be a balloon or something to reassure the show's existence.

also, i know i didn't upload any 52weeks photo for last week but that doesn't mean i didn't take any. i was crammed saturday doing a us project and then sunday, i sat in my parents room with my sister for eleventhousand hours watching a horror film marathon on oxygen. i also noticed i've been really slow on flickr. sorrayz. the weather is lifting and it was BEAUTIFUL today. it will be for the rest of the week and next week is break so i'm expecting some great adventures. gotta clean out my bag now. watch this video of the fashion presentation!