February 20, 2011

shake it like a ladder to the sun

i had a promising week, a good one since a very long time. maybe because we had two really nice warm days and it was the last week of school before break. i don't like that mother nature suddenly decided to drop the temperature by thirty degrees so soon or that it'll snow soon. i'm going to try to make the most of my break this following week. aside from homework and massive self sat prep, i need to learn to have fun again. i plan on leaving the house every day except the day it snows, and do what i can. we won't even have a single day off in march so i might as well.

the above photo is from club. the objective was to compose the still life the way we want it to be seen. i took several other photos but i really wanted to apply my geometric skills on this one. i just saw it coming when i uploaded it. it's not very noticeable at a smaller size but i like it.

luckily wednesday night, i didn't have any exams to study for or any work to do at all so i spent afterschool preparing my little sister's kindergarten class birthday party. 23 cupcakes with yellow/pink marble cake, dyed vanilla and hershey chocolate frosting, and star sprinkles. i made the stupid cupcake holder for the box all by myself. it was a frustrating experience, especially when i found out after cutting 24 cupcake-sized holes on the cardboard that the tray was three inches too big for the box. well that's over now. i remember my own kindergarten birthday party. i remember nagging my teacher about it and exactly what i wore and every student in my class. i'm still close friends with only one of them.

today, er yesterday, allyson and i finally went ice skating at the pond again. all you losers out there who despise this wonderful activity, i don't think we should be friends. there's nothing better than going fast and slipping between cracks to dodge people and have the wind breathe through your face and hair. swinging though, is kind of the same thing, at least to me it is because i used to swing at the park where children were let loose and would walk unaware beneath my flying feet (it's not my fault if you get kicked). obviously, i got a very red nose after all of it but the wind was actually gusting over 40 mph all day.

growing hungry afterward, we wanted to try out the smile in soho. it's cute, yes i approve, it's downstairs and very cozy but the humidity of it when we walked in damaged my vision (glasses). plus, we basically got kicked out because the sassy australian accent waitress said they weren't serving lunch any more and that dinner was in thirty minutes. so the fuck what! we're hungry, bitch! your loss. so we went to try out pulino's italian restaurant more up on houston. keith mcnally's recent creation of an eatery was fabbb. if you go check out this 1841 townhouse restaurant, you gottttta go to the bathroom. it's kind of creepy but since i was the only one there at the time, it kinda makes sense.. it's very very antique, with rusty mirrors, subway tile floors, and foggy glass doors.. i don't think i've ever been in a cooler restroom. this girl, who could've been my twin (asian gurl with long hair and glasses), with her camera walked in when i was washing my hands and as i was leaving she started taking photos of the bathroom. i would've done the same but if i walked in on someone washing their hands, i don't think i would've had the guts.

in conclusion, i guess i had a pretty satisfying week. i think i'll go to the museum tomorrow, just because i want to go out and shoot and it's free. teehee