February 12, 2011

these are some things that happened today:

i'm going to bullet them because i am super lazy
  • i walked into the pharmacy 6:40 in the morning, i wasn't looking for anything, just tried to wake myself up in a warm place waiting for the bus
  • the backup drive in photography class crashed (4eva). i backed some of my stuff up on a flash drive but not everything. sucks for those who worked too hard
  • dreaded another period of anatomy (i hate ittt)(i hate graphittte)
  • sat on one butt cheek with aiss at lunch (bc there is no room for anyone on those high school musical tables) (so comfortable)
  • finished a whole math test (for once)
  • starved (i was looking forward to breakfast but bayli is stupid and didn't want to assist me)(and i didn't make lunch because i was in a hurry)
  • walked into the deli and remembered it was fashion week when a non local customer complimented on my cheap outfit
  • helped a group of tourist girls get to soho
  • talked about making pancakes on a pig shaped frying pan with a uo salesclerk
  • gave a whole dollar bill to a dude i didn't know on line for the mta machines. i had no idea what he was asking for, all i heard was can you lend.. cents.. or something.. a dollar..iunno.. a little help... i really don't know and i don't know why i couldn't just give him all my change. he had a baby in a stroller so i tried to help and gave a buck mainly bc i was lazy
  • i come home to hear that another murder(s)(three and two injured) occured in the hood today. and it happened around where i grew up! it's just a few avenues away and this killah is still on the loose which is scurrraay. too bad he looks like every german/russian dude around here.
  • it is 12:30 am now and i am making my valentines things before i forget