March 25, 2011

what friday

yeah i'm home. early. not hanging out. on a friday. eating my baked ziti like boss. okay, i just need to tell yall i'm gonna get my shit together this weekend. i need to make up all my missing homework and print the giveaway stuff and develop old film and and snail mail the giveaway stuff. i've been so delayed on that and i'm sorry. they will def be done tomorrow.

this post shall continue after the photo lab.

edit: spent all day in park slope. one of three rolls i developed today was from our house in pennsylvania; it was half exposed and half empty. the other two rolls came out really great and i got my giveaway prints printed. the post office however failed to cooperate so i will have to buy stamps monday and everything will be sent out that day.

i also left a print in a book for the bookstore project that i am obviously still doing with gaps here and there. it is at barnes and noble in park slope, brooklyn: looking for alaska by john green in teen fiction. it's the book i'm currently reading.

and here is my photo break of me going places

March 19, 2011

hi ravn, hi noa

allow me to type another post about what happened in a day. it was a half day so i only had two hours of school. the friends and i traveled here and there trying to find something to do. i initially suggested karoake which we have never done, and then frisbee was suggested which never happened, as well as pinkberry and park slope and chelsea. teehee.

(i'm watching bones, aaaahah oh my god john francis daley is so cute) eneeway, it was 70+ degrees today; could not have asked for a more perfect day. (yooo, you can make electricity with tape?!) it was hot, but cold in the morning because that's how the sun rolls so i wore all dark colors outsmarting the weather in case it was cold; i was wearing a color that would attract sunlight and thin enough to move around. a walk to central park ended up on swing competitions. hungry for whole foods led to an anti-semitic dick and failure skaters at columbus circle. a walk across central park led to uo and fao schwartz. and phil left for the met (boring) and elizabeth, noa and i left for an adventure at dumbo.

there was a couple getting their wedding photos.. in front of the brooklyn bridge with the middle covered with white construction... why.

we sat there for like an hour with the sun burning our eyeballs drawing or reading and skipping rocks or at least attempting to. then hunger came over again and we stood in line for grimaldi's. thirty-three minutes later, there were still fifteen people ahead of us so we looked at the skyline after sunset and went to ignazio's instead. delicious-ass pizza but terrible service. it was like eight thirty by the time we left to take two trains home, three for me and bus ride. for sixty-five degrees at night, i wouldn't mind sleeping on my porch then but there were a lotta police paramedic situations going on in my hood at that hour.

so i think i'm going to retire to bed. i have a road trip to attend to in seven hours. i like going places for ten hours in one day and walk a million miles and not minding it because in the end i'll just drop dead sound asleep.

March 13, 2011

so where you been then

i realized that sometimes my 52weeks project consists of a photo that summarizes the week or a photo that i took during the week. this week is the second option. i wasn't being lazy (not really), i was just really busy. i spent all week studying for sats and finally took them yesterday. and i couldn't draw for the giveaway after that because my family wanted to drag me around outside all day. then when i got back, i tried to watch snl but my eyelids wanted to sew themselves shut so i listened to it instead and fell asleep at 1. today i woke up at 3:50pm daylight savings time. i really hate waking up super late on sundays because then i can't sleep right before the monday to come. i have a us double homework to do but i'm probably going to push that for tomorrow at school, because now i am lazy.

the drawing is closed, i cut all your names and put them in a box. i've done the video, going to upload now. i am going to be busy this week also.. printing, maybe some shoots, tests, and shit like that. oh i think we get report cards too. i actually can't wait to see mine, i'm really sure i did better this time. haha i just a got a letter from america's beauty pageant's 2011 miss teen.. how did they get my information? "i'm writing to you today, to let you know that you are eligible to participate.." what?? naw. this is going in my shelf of disregarded letters. yeah, SHELF.

let's discuss entertainment, or just listen to me write about it. i saw the csi episode 'living legend', it's definitely one of my favorites. because mickey dunn is played by roger daltrey, singer of the who, singer of the show's theme song! gahh i love ironyyy! and what is up with pro videos of 12 year old singer wannabes? so awful, terrible stuff.. just grow up first unless you're willow smith.

March 10, 2011


this has been college week for me so far. haven't even visited any yet but been doing intense (not really) sat prep, college research, college office visits, college this, college that. i think if i went to the college presentation last night, i would've freaked out much more than i need to especially with sats on saturday. i made my decision to my mom last night about conservatory school. initially she would never support how much i love photography and art in general but i guess she finally picked it up last night.

i also realized yesterday that this spring term and next fall term is going to require some serious work around the clock all day err day. if i went on to a liberal arts school, i would study majors i don't know anything about which will bore me to death eventually. my mom was happy about the philosophy, psychology, business, communications design part but not so much the astronaut and criminal toxicologist part. my ideal school would be cornell or suny something; columbia if i was smarter. well i'm just gonna have to hold on to those things for a while because i'm going to an art school, muddafakkaa.

so for arts, i'm gonna visit pratt, parsons, philly uni of arts, mfa boston, risd, nyu tisch and probably more. i'd like to go out of new york but i know i'd get homesick and i just found out that even going to the next state for a few years is considered way too far to my mom so i guess california, hawaii, and chicago are off the list. fo def, i will practice photography and take it further. if i lose motivation (hopefully not), i always have interior design, architecture (boring unless it's my place), and culinary to study before taking on the majors mentioned before.

this spring and summer will grant me some amazing opportunities. i already have events planned for the months to come. can't wait. i wish i had money to travel the world before going to college, to try new experiences and see everything that is out there, then nothing will be wasted in the end. instead, i have to cram all the time i have left and put together a perfect portfolio and resume. god, i hate growing up.

March 6, 2011

new york gurls

this is my cousin vicky. i didn't really shoot much this past week so i did something difficult to her hair and took her outside. one thing i really need to practice on is night photography. i'm obviously not very good at it, on digital and film. i understand all the factors that would compose a night photo but i can't handle it. i don't carry a tripod around with me all the time.. and i gotta get new lens, this 50mm is beautiful in any kind of lighting but i need something better. a bad photo detail of her hair is below.

last night's snl was total shit after the miley cyrus show, except the strokes of course. they were so perfect and everything i love them more. they are totally back. i'm going to preorder the angles shirt and cd and vinyl package.. tomorrow. i need itttt.

anywayyy.. the free print event is coming to an end this saturday so you should enter soon... all the comments i get from you guys, i'm so flattered, i get speechless when i read them.. i just smile. i can't wait to go print them and buy stamps (a lot of you are international!) and snail mail them.. this saturday i also have to take the SATs and i'm really not prepped for it at all. i'm going to take a whole practice test today and that's all the preparation i'm going to have. and then i'm going to do the drawing, then watch snl with zach galifianakis and jessie JJJJJJJ!!! i'm so excites

edit: like an hour after i posted this, i had an idea to recreate santogold's studio album cover. the angle and colors are obviously not identical but i tried my best. it's kinda awkward looking but i made this the 52 weeks photo instead.