March 10, 2011


this has been college week for me so far. haven't even visited any yet but been doing intense (not really) sat prep, college research, college office visits, college this, college that. i think if i went to the college presentation last night, i would've freaked out much more than i need to especially with sats on saturday. i made my decision to my mom last night about conservatory school. initially she would never support how much i love photography and art in general but i guess she finally picked it up last night.

i also realized yesterday that this spring term and next fall term is going to require some serious work around the clock all day err day. if i went on to a liberal arts school, i would study majors i don't know anything about which will bore me to death eventually. my mom was happy about the philosophy, psychology, business, communications design part but not so much the astronaut and criminal toxicologist part. my ideal school would be cornell or suny something; columbia if i was smarter. well i'm just gonna have to hold on to those things for a while because i'm going to an art school, muddafakkaa.

so for arts, i'm gonna visit pratt, parsons, philly uni of arts, mfa boston, risd, nyu tisch and probably more. i'd like to go out of new york but i know i'd get homesick and i just found out that even going to the next state for a few years is considered way too far to my mom so i guess california, hawaii, and chicago are off the list. fo def, i will practice photography and take it further. if i lose motivation (hopefully not), i always have interior design, architecture (boring unless it's my place), and culinary to study before taking on the majors mentioned before.

this spring and summer will grant me some amazing opportunities. i already have events planned for the months to come. can't wait. i wish i had money to travel the world before going to college, to try new experiences and see everything that is out there, then nothing will be wasted in the end. instead, i have to cram all the time i have left and put together a perfect portfolio and resume. god, i hate growing up.