March 19, 2011

hi ravn, hi noa

allow me to type another post about what happened in a day. it was a half day so i only had two hours of school. the friends and i traveled here and there trying to find something to do. i initially suggested karoake which we have never done, and then frisbee was suggested which never happened, as well as pinkberry and park slope and chelsea. teehee.

(i'm watching bones, aaaahah oh my god john francis daley is so cute) eneeway, it was 70+ degrees today; could not have asked for a more perfect day. (yooo, you can make electricity with tape?!) it was hot, but cold in the morning because that's how the sun rolls so i wore all dark colors outsmarting the weather in case it was cold; i was wearing a color that would attract sunlight and thin enough to move around. a walk to central park ended up on swing competitions. hungry for whole foods led to an anti-semitic dick and failure skaters at columbus circle. a walk across central park led to uo and fao schwartz. and phil left for the met (boring) and elizabeth, noa and i left for an adventure at dumbo.

there was a couple getting their wedding photos.. in front of the brooklyn bridge with the middle covered with white construction... why.

we sat there for like an hour with the sun burning our eyeballs drawing or reading and skipping rocks or at least attempting to. then hunger came over again and we stood in line for grimaldi's. thirty-three minutes later, there were still fifteen people ahead of us so we looked at the skyline after sunset and went to ignazio's instead. delicious-ass pizza but terrible service. it was like eight thirty by the time we left to take two trains home, three for me and bus ride. for sixty-five degrees at night, i wouldn't mind sleeping on my porch then but there were a lotta police paramedic situations going on in my hood at that hour.

so i think i'm going to retire to bed. i have a road trip to attend to in seven hours. i like going places for ten hours in one day and walk a million miles and not minding it because in the end i'll just drop dead sound asleep.