March 6, 2011

new york gurls

this is my cousin vicky. i didn't really shoot much this past week so i did something difficult to her hair and took her outside. one thing i really need to practice on is night photography. i'm obviously not very good at it, on digital and film. i understand all the factors that would compose a night photo but i can't handle it. i don't carry a tripod around with me all the time.. and i gotta get new lens, this 50mm is beautiful in any kind of lighting but i need something better. a bad photo detail of her hair is below.

last night's snl was total shit after the miley cyrus show, except the strokes of course. they were so perfect and everything i love them more. they are totally back. i'm going to preorder the angles shirt and cd and vinyl package.. tomorrow. i need itttt.

anywayyy.. the free print event is coming to an end this saturday so you should enter soon... all the comments i get from you guys, i'm so flattered, i get speechless when i read them.. i just smile. i can't wait to go print them and buy stamps (a lot of you are international!) and snail mail them.. this saturday i also have to take the SATs and i'm really not prepped for it at all. i'm going to take a whole practice test today and that's all the preparation i'm going to have. and then i'm going to do the drawing, then watch snl with zach galifianakis and jessie JJJJJJJ!!! i'm so excites

edit: like an hour after i posted this, i had an idea to recreate santogold's studio album cover. the angle and colors are obviously not identical but i tried my best. it's kinda awkward looking but i made this the 52 weeks photo instead.